Centuries of Arab Jewish culture genocided by Zionists


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This interview with Brahim Kredya was conducted on October 12 2018 in Safi, Morocco. Brahim Kredya is the most notable local historian of Safi. He has published more than 60 works in Arabic. His book Pages de l’histoire de juifs de Safi is available in French from Auteurs du monde. In that book, and in this interview, he describes the remarkable story of the friendly relations between the Muslim and Jewish communities in Safi, which lasted several centuries before being degraded by European colonialism—which “divided and conquered” by offering Jews the status of honorary Europeans and luring them away from Safi thus reducing their numbers there—and finally destroyed by Zionism, which used strong-arm tactics to ethnically cleanse Jews from Morocco and ship them to Israel.
The Zionist used terrorism, including mass murder, as they genocidally eliminated the Jewish population of the Arab world, destroying a beautiful ancient culture in the process. Among the mass murders of Arab Jews by Zionist was the 1961 sinking of the Egoz killing 46 Jews en route to Israel. Jewish historian Jacob Cohen explains that the Mossad sunk the ship as a publicity stunt to create a “little holocaust” retroactively justifying Zionist crimes and leveraging the completion of ethnic cleansing of Arab Jews.

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