Celente: ’70% of Americans have no faith in government’

Americans can’t have faith in government, because government is a total failure

By Shepard Ambellas

Recently on the Jeff Rense Show, Trends Journal’s very own Gerald Celente, renown economic advisor, says he is “tired of repeating the facts” to the dumbed-down masses who have been poisoned by GMO foods, prescription drugs and Hollywood propaganda.
“Everything is declining”, pointed out Celente, giving the audience a taste of his fire.
Durring the broadcast, Celente said that “sociopaths” and “lunatics” are “in-charge of the country”. Celente went on to point out how Obama is “really good at killing people”.
Essentially they are all two peas of the same pod–two birds of a feather.
“Why do the people lack the passion and courage to stop the madness?”, asked Celente.
Celente went on to rant and rave about the new mayor of his city and Israel.

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