Celebrity Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist Religious Leaders Who Terrorize Muslims


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What do the Rev. Robert Jeffress, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Spiritual Leader Ashin WIrathu, have in common? They’re all widely followed, highly influential representatives of religions; Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, who lend great influence toward the hatred and persecution, torture and murder of Muslims.
Jeffress, Boteach and WIrathu tell people how to think and who to hate. It’s a terrible lesson in religious superiority in the 21st Century. If any one thing is true, it is that members of all religions have members and representatives who are truly good, and truly bad. Hatred runs the gamut, and another important point is that all of the widely followed religions, in their core teachings, instruct their followers to be peaceful and not to kill.
These pseudo religious all have their common themes, along with their individual, more particular, cultural forms of hatred. All three are fueled by their celebrity status and each is reminiscent of someone who peddled their soul for a little fame and fortune while claiming that others sold their souls to the devil because they are members of the “wrong” religion.
Good Old Southern Christian Hatred
Rev. Robert Jeffress, the right-wing Southern Baptist reverend from Dallas who heads a so-called “megachurch” with 12,000-members that recently saw a renovation costing the obscene amount of a $128 million, is the Islamophobe who preached to fellow Islamophobe, Donald Trump, before his inauguration. He is known for saying the most foul things about Muslim people and people of other faiths, such as, “…religions like Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism—not only do they lead people away from God, they lead people to an eternity of separation from God in Hell.”
Words like those that fly from this man’s mouth directly endanger American people who also happen to be Muslim. The spiteful accusations incite violent attacks and lead to injury and murder.
His behavior is reprehensible, it seems that Jefress doesn’t understand that people do not choose what flag or religion they are born under, and claiming that people are bad because of their faith removes any credibility for a sane and clear-thinking conversation. He says Muslim people are part of an, “evil” religion. Frequently opting to use the word “Islam” instead of Muslim, he claims the religion, so geographically and ideologically varied, is “oppressive” and “violent,” and he inspires hatred and division among his fellow Americans who swallow his words hook, line and sinker.
False prophets and religious profiteers are nothing new in America, and they are always the farthest thing from Christian, as they use hate and fear to grow their audience.
Jeffress clearly despises all who are different from him. He’s cozies up to Trump and he’s riding the wave of false Christianity and fear-mongering as he stands in judgement of hundreds of millions of people on this earth. Jeffress attempts to legitimatize Donald Trump’s bizarre thoughts about non-Christians and even defended Trump’s remark about what he called, “s**thole countries”–it might be the most nationalist claim about Christianity ever made…
“As individual Christians, we have a biblical responsibility to place the needs of others above our own, but as Commander-in-Chief, President Trump has the constitutional responsibility to place the needs of interests of our nation above the needs of other countries.”
Jeffress, in his hateful critique of Muslim people, uses half-truths and misconceptions from the Holy Qur’an to justify his accusations that Muslims, “worship a false God” and much, much worse.
The worst part is that Christianity has unwavering, inflexible commands about not judging others, loving your enemies, and turning the other cheek. These zealots who use Christianity as a tool to generate hatred and distrust, are having a tremendous impact on the opinions of their followers. Jeffress never distinguishes or talks about the incredible contrast that exists in the Muslim world, instead he views and regards Muslim people in a single sentence when the people in question are in fact, so highly diverse.
A Muslim bashing President backed by a Muslim bashing preacher, that’s apple pie in America today.
A Witch Hunt Leading Rabbi
Those familiar with the Israeli witch hunt against the performer Lorde, who canceled her show in Tel Aviv after being contacted by two people in New Zealand who explained how Israel is an apartheid state riddled with human rights violations against Palestinians, know that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the lead torch carrier. Good God, this man took out a full page ad in the Zio-friendly Washington Post calling Lorde a “bigot” and referencing the BDS (Boycott, Divest Sanction movement against Israel) as “terrorists” and “antisemitic” when he knows in his own rotten heart that he is a God forsaken liar.
Of course this is the oldest trick in the hasbara dictionary, always viciously and voraciously counterattack, and accuse anyone who disapproves of Israel’s incessant violence toward and killing of Palestinians, as antisemitic. Frankly, more people than ever are seeing this defensive act for exactly what it is, but it continues.
The Daily Beast summarized Boteach like this, “Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who took out a full-page ad branding the pop star a ‘bigot,’ is a failed reality TV star and anti-porn crusader who served as Michael Jackson’s rabbi.”
When actor Ben Affleck was sickened by Muslim bashing and spoke out, Boteach was right there, “… the problem with Islamic violence is that it’s being done in the name of Islam. And while we dare never repeat the lie that violence is endemic to Islam – knowing full well that other religions have had violent streaks – it is true that violence in the name of Islam is not being condemned by a sufficient number in the Islamic mainstream.”
“Violent streaks,” like an unprecedented war against Iraq over false intelligence about weapons of mass destruction? Or maybe he’s referring to the Spanish Inquisition? Perhaps the ruthless eradication and genocide of Native tribes in North America? In reality, but more human beings have been murdered and culturally obliterated in the name of false Christianity than any other faith in modern time.
The bottom line is that when he discusses Muslim people, Boteach cleverly fails to use words like “occupation” and “checkpoint,” no reference to “unjustified wars in the Middle east” or “apartheid.” I’ve got news for Boteach, those are the fires that ignite the explosions. The Middle east would not be aflame and ISIL would not exist, if former US President George W. Bush had not decided to launch this endless series of US wars, or if Barack Obama had not elected to add two countries to the mix, or if the allied warring nations and political leaders had just been able to find the guts to speak out and stop it.
In one of his own articles, Boteach reflects on a chance encounter with a Muslim man who said, “I was in Israel recently. I enjoyed it. But I was disgusted at the treatment of the Palestinians who cannot even go from Bethlehem into Jerusalem.”
The rabbi says he explained the series of military checkpoints all Palestinians must pass through were set up “…after a wave of terror bombings killed thousands of Israeli civilians. You can hardly blame Israel from trying to stop the slaughter.”
Thousands of Israeli’s killed in “a wave of terror bombings”… sounds a lot like Israel’s unprovoked attack Gaza, in 2008/09. The Israeli occupational forces “Operation Cast Lead, so obnoxiously named, killed 1,398 Palestinians, including 344 children, and Israel lost exactly five soldiers.
The Muslim man Boteach was talking to reacted, saying, “You mean the way Israel massacres Palestinians every day. And it’s all funded by America, who is the biggest murderer in the world. Just look at the 100 people every day being killed in Iraq.”
Boteach’s reaction? He completely ignores the part about Israeli’s killing of Palestinians and goes on a rant about Islamic terrorists. That’s because Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians are an indefensible crime of war and he knows it.
He also writes at length about Iran being a dangerous country, while praising the politics of the US and Israel. Iran simply objects to Israel’s inhumanity and human rights violations, and for this pays a continual price, unlike the Wahhabi and Salafist followers in Saudi Arabia, who have no problem being friendly with Israel.
Any religious leader who calls celebrities with a conscience who don’t want to perform in Israel anti-Semitic, is a cancer.
The Buddhist Face of Terror
The spiritual leader of the 969 movement in Burma (Myanmar), Ashin WIrathu, is a bloodthirsty criminal whose face filled a Time Magazine cover in 2013, with the title, “The Face of Buddhist Terror” — in all of the magazine’s editions except the one published in America. His influence has galvanized the grating ethnic tension in this Buddhist country, where monks are seen riding mopeds down the street while clutching machetes with blood dripping from the blade. Their victims are the Rohingya Muslims, who the United Nations stated are, “The most persecuted people in the world.”
As I wrote in a 2013 article …
“We have to wonder how many Americans realize that Time Magazine publishes several different regional versions of its publication each month. The Americans get the version that doesn’t piss off corporate interests, the rest are more honest. Americans receive a ‘dumbed down’ version. It is more in keeping with the ambitions of a country that murdered 1.5 million Iraqi people over bad intelligence. Of course many of America’s victims in Iraq were also Christian.”
Buddhism, a belief system assumed by almost all people in the world to be one of peace, is actually the religion that was used as an excuse to conduct the only two genocides of the 21st Century: the bloody and systematic elimination of 160,000 Tamil Hiindu’s and Christians by Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese Buddhist military in 2009, and the outrageous, horrific ongoing ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Wirathu is largely tied to the latter. Of course years after the Genocide of Rohingya Muslims began, it is finally on the world radar, even in the US. But the number of people who have had to die and suffer is fully unjustified, and the tragedy continues.
The website that bears the 969 movement’s name, claims, “Our mission is to preserve the teachings of the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.” I quickly noted that according to the 969 movement’s view of Buddhism, which apparently is not in conflict with general Buddhist beliefs, “friendliness in itself is not the highest value in Buddhism,” it continues, “Nor can it be said that friendship with Muslims is essential to the success of Buddhism.”
So Buddhism is about success. Hmmm, last time I checked, a goal to be successful involves being competitive and putting your needs first, even before others. That sure does contrast with peace and harmony.
Wirathu has worked to change laws in Myanmar that allow Buddhists to marry Muslims. He is directly tied to the sectarian violence in this Asian country that for years, operated as a military junta. This Buddhist mad man is even defended by Myanmar’s former president, Thein Sien. One person who possibly could have made a difference for the Rohingya, turns out to be the biggest political disappointment in modern Asian history: the formerly respected Burmese national figure, Aung San Suu Kyi. She refuses to speak out, or even acknowledge the ongoing pogrom against the Rohingya.
The biggest point, is that Wirathu hates Muslims, he believes eradicating these people is his duty as a Buddhist leader, and he likes to see them murdered in mass. A few words from Wirathu can cause a group of Buddhists to transform into a violent, angry rampaging, murderous mob. To make things even worse, Wirathu is a convict. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2003 for inciting anti-Muslim hatred, though his sentence was greatly shortened.
Why not one might ask? After all, former Myanmar President Thein Sien considers Wirathu to be a member of national clergy.
As long as hatred takes the form of religion, and people follow religious leaders who incite violence and hatred, people will die unnaturally, long before their time. Until these false prophets learn to confine their system of values to divine teachings, which have nothing to do with killing or harming Muslim people, the world remains in peril.

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