Bahrain downs Iran’s Press TV channel

NOVANEWS by crescentandcross   Bahrain has moved to interrupt the broadcast of Iran’s English-language Press TV channel on Nilesat satellite, apparently due to the network’s wide coverage of the regime’s brutal crackdown on anti-government protests in […]

CNN on Bahrain.

NOVANEWS   This is a very good clip on the situation in Bahrain, and as one of the commentators argues the West has been treading very carefully afraid of upsetting the Saudis, showing who has […]

Bahrain, Not An April Fool.

NOVANEWS modernityblog Tags: Bahrain, Human rights, Mahmood al-Yousif, Middle East, repression, Saudi Imperialism,state, Western collusion, Western compliance | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:   The overall silence in the West concerning Bahrain is worrying and the comparison with Egypt and Libya is not an April […]

Bahrain's Foreign Police Add to Tension

NOVANEWS   Posted By: Sammi Ibrahem Chair of West Midlands PSC   By ALEX DELMAR-MORGAN In Manama, Bahrain, and TOM WRIGHT in Islamabad, PakistanBahrain’s ruling family is moving to shore up its security forces with more recruits […]