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Posted by: John Phoenix

Sour Milk and Stolen Honey

Marianne Azizi

Sour Milk and Stolen Honey is Marianne Azizi’s writing début. It is a biographical account of how her marriage was systematically destroyed by outdated laws and the relentless interference of a narcissist.
Marianne’s harrowing, emotional account is ultimately enlightening and empowering as she shares her battles for truth, justice and freedom. A true account, it follows Marianne as she single-handedly stands up against the multi-layered bureaucracy and bigotry which keeps her chained within a toxic nightmare – a never ending battle with an entrenched culture, and a religious and political attitude that colluded to steal her life. It is a unique and compelling story of her fight to save the man she loved from the clutches of post traumatic stress disorder and enforced captivity, while she frequently questioned her own sanity. Marianne triumphs as she successfully changes the law at the United Nations, and takes a stand against the power and might of Israeli jurisprudence. Her journey is one of personal redemption and the discovery of an inner strength she did not know she had.

This is Marianne Azizi’s début non-fiction work.

“This is my story, my beautiful, excruciating, life affirming journey through intense, compulsive love. An unconditional love, full of self-sacrifice, as two people descend into physical and emotional trauma. It is the story of how we lost each other, ourselves, and our lives.
I changed the law, I changed my life. I changed.”

Praise for Sour Milk and Stolen Honey

“A very powerful and emotional story of unconditional love that is destroyed and breaks the soul into little pieces by systems and laws that makes no sense.
Anyone who has ever come up against the ‘services’ involving a loved one must read this. You will identify with so many of the struggles and emotions, and realise you are not alone in your fight for their and your rights.”

“A page turner, can’t put it down! Gripping read.”

“I am fascinated by it on so many levels… Israel in general, the conversion, those characters! The justice system… friendships… PTSD, and the awesome, awesome portrayal of a female malignant narcissist. Pure gold.”

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