Capitalism won’t stop aggression on the planet

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Epidemic of Globalization: Ventures in World order, Arab Nation and  Zionism: Samara, Adel: Books
Dr: Adel Samara

Capitalism won’t stop aggression on the planet especially on the heritage of the Soviet Union, including all of Russia. The intended impact is the exchange of population between the Soviet republics within the project of transition from the ethnic concept and perhaps the Choufini or the objective national awareness to the creation of a social nation that does not despise nationalities but raises them to the highest level of any social nation because this is the path of history.

The Soviets may have rushed it early or not improved it, but it remains a great humanity honor. There are Russian minorities in various former Soviet republics and there are systems in some of those communities that come Schuphinism, Nazis, and capitalist belonging to the West or even sub-Othmani.So social explosions are expected to happen in some countries with or without Western imperialism.And the gum that Putin fed to Georgia, liberating crime and protecting the two self-independent provinces from Ukraine is a protective decision and a pre- Lesson for those who beg himself to hit this legacy.

And perhaps solving the problem of Kazakhstan N Fora is an important indicator in this regard.So we can conclude that Russia rejecting Ukraine’s nauticalism and relocation to Russia’s borders is a projected defense on one side and is a warning that threatens the protection of the residential exchange heritage on the other hand. Generations of NATO weapons are extinct, but generations of the people remain and will sing for socialism without losing its culture, languages and doing it by echoing and repelling the brutality of the United American culture, the globalized capitalist culture and of course a new liberal core. 

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