Canada’s Proclivity to Whitewash its Nazi Affiliations

By Irwin Jerome

Global Research,

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This writer has spent the past year and a half, mostly on his own dime, ignored, ridiculed or dismissed by friends and colleagues alike, while persisting to exhaustively research any number of articles that sought to document the involvement of international neo-Nazi geopolitical-military organizations in the war in Ukraine; such involvement reveals so many deeply-rooted, fascist/neo-Nazi ties and connections to NATO and to the United States and Canada.

Finally, the scandal has exploded. The truth of these forces that exist within Canada’s mainstream corporate geopolitical world has come to the fore after an outrageous incident that recently occurred in Canada’s House of Commons; this has blown the discussion wide open, and become for this writer a personal moment of catharsis that has provided at least some solace for all those dismissive naysayers and media doors that have been slammed in his face.

Festering geopolitical fallout continues to erupt ever since Canada’s Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota, was forced to resign after all four Canadian political parties protested his outrageously inappropriate conduct that was precipitated by the honoring ceremony Rota conducted for a 98 year-old WWII Ukrainian veteran, Yaroslav Hunka. After Rota had declared Hunka to be a Ukrainian war hero of the Allied forces, he admitted that instead of fighting against the enemy Germans, Hunka had instead fought against the hated ‘Bolsheviks’ (Russians).

When Rota made this admission in front of the entire assembled House of Commons, it was both embarrassing and sad to see how much Canadians, and elected Canadian politicians, have bought into the Canadian mainstream corporate news media’s oppressive brain washing; borne out by the extent of the sustained applause they gave to this one-time ex-Waffen SS foot soldier, who once upon a time had even been required to take a personal oath of allegiance to Adolph Hitler himself.

Canada’s Morally Bankrupt, “Nazi-Supporting Politicians”. “Nazism Deeply Embedded in Ukraine Regime”

All the while, in that awkward moment in Canada’s House of Commons, Ukraine’s President Volodmyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau standing side-by-side, began to energetically join in and heartedly applauded for far too many long painful and embarrassing minutes.

To make matters doubly-worse, Canada’s honoring of the 98-year-old, so-called hallowed Ukrainian war veteran, occurred on, of all days, the Jewish Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur, the most solemn religious day of penitence and fasting that begins with Rosh Hashana (The Jewish New Year).

Yet Stepan Bandera and his 14th Division of Waffen SS (1st Galicians), of which Yaroslav Hunka was once a member, hated the Jews and are well-known for their murderous massacres of Jews, Poles, Slovaks and other Eastern Europeans. In fact, Himmler himself favoured Bandera’s Waffen SS and the 1st Galicians as being “More Aryan-like than Ukrainian”; so much so, that the term “Ukrainian” could not even be used when addressing the Waffen SS Division.

But, as the truth always reveals in the end, the choice of honoring this Ukrainian WWII veteran on that given day, wasn’t just an awkward mishap but had to have been deliberately, cynically and carefully planned by someone higher up than Speaker of the House Rota; no doubt, perhaps, in the Prime Minister’s own office. Only time will bear out the real story behind who and what caused this serious state faux pas to occur.

But the spotlight hasn’t yet been fully shone on the despicable role that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, (herself a figure with a shady past mixed up with a Nazi grandfather, and the training she underwent as a youth in Nazi summer camps), also played in the geopolitical incident that now has led to Canada’s Speaker of the House, being thrown under the bus. Who are the main culprits in the Canadian government led by Trudeau and Freeland? And what about the long relationship of these two Liberals with Nazism as well as that of other Canadian citizens and politicians who once were, or still are, pro-Nazi?  All these individuals now need to be called out due to the recent shameful debacle in the House of Commons.

There exist too many loose ends in this story; such as how many hardcore Nazi war criminals, in spite of their despicable past, were actually allowed to enter Canada after the end of WWII (by some estimates 20,000 to 50,000) and what has since happened to them all? Meanwhile, the reader is encouraged to listen to what other voices around the world have begun saying.  These voices are wondering about how much the incident in Canada’s House of Commons is but the tip of a vast iceberg of what has been going on in the past and present.

For instance, Canada’s history of minimizing the Nazi nature of the Ukrainian Waffen SS Galicia Division; how a Ukrainian journalist absolutely destroys Zelensky for applauding a Nazi; or how catastrophically stupid Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been throughout this whole Nazi incident or how the question of whether or not Canada is harbouring other neo-Nazis is being raised by those like Gravitas, and, finally: to what extent is Prime Minister Trudeau truly embarrassed by the Canadian Parliament’s honoring of Nazi veteran Yaroslav Hunka?.

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