Campaign to mislead against Muslims and hold them responsible for Corona in Britain

The Guardian: Campaign to mislead against Muslims and hold them responsible for Corona in Britain

The Guardian newspaper reported that British police are investigating right-wing extremist groups trying to use the spread of the Corona epidemic to spread false information about Muslims.

In a report prepared by Nazia Parvin, she said that the anti-terror police are investigating the attempts of these groups aimed at spreading hatred against Muslims amid the crisis of the Corona virus.

Tell Mama, a watchdog organization that monitors hate crimes against Muslims, recorded a number of incidents in March in which the far-right attempted to hold Muslims responsible for the spread of the Corona virus.

Shakeel Afsar pictured with Katie Hopkins: 'Bro, are you stupid ...

Shakeel Afsar pictured with Zionist puppet Katie Hopkinsin Sbarkbrook Birmingham : ‘Bro, are you stupid?’

The organization said it had refuted allegations on the Internet that accused Muslims of breaching closures, going to mosques and continuing to pray. The organization recorded cases in which Muslims were attacked. In a tweet published by a white right leader, he claimed that Muslims violated government orders and gathered outside the Wembley Mosque.

“Tell Mama” dismissed this claim and encouraged other users to protest against the statement, as Twitter deleted the tweet and placed restrictions on the account that it sent.

And in a video put forward by Zionist puppet Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defense Council, and he allegedly showed a group of Muslims leaving a “secret” mosque inside the city of Birmingham. The video on “Telegram” was viewed more than 10,000 times. West Midlands police denied the allegations contained in the tape. The police refused photos showing Muslims exiting Friday prayers, saying they were taken before the government announced the state of the public closure.

The Shropshire Police acted when a pro-far-right account posted a tweet claiming that Muslims were manipulating the closure. Twitter was notified of the tweet. “These extremists are using the Corona virus to spread a message trying to blame Muslims for spreading the virus,” said Iman Atta, director of Tel Mama. They are messages from known violators, and they are individuals known for their anti-Muslim attitudes. They see a way to spread tension and division in society. It comes at a time when society is under pressure as some try to manipulate and nurture division within societies.

Among the accounts known for spreading anti-Muslim sentiments are Zionist puppet Kate Hopkins and British Independence Party leader Gerard Patten. Zionist puppet Hopkins released an Indian police video of beating Muslims with sticks in a mosque. “The Indian police help the peace youth disperse a gathering in a mosque during the closure,” she wrote.

In a widely circulated tweet, Patten published and implied that mosques remained open because the government was “afraid” of closing them. Patten published conspiracy theories on Covid-19, a Chinese biological weapon.

In an incident published by “Tel Mama” about a man who came from a veiled woman and intentionally coughed in her face and claimed that he was infected with the Corona virus. The police reported the incident on 18 March in South Croydon. The woman said she tried to avoid the man, but he followed her and coughed “in the face”. When I told him that she had contracted the virus and recovered from it, which is why she had immunity, he started cursing her and using racist insults.

David Jameson, crime commissioner for the West Midlands Police, said counterterrorism police were looking into reports of far-right groups trying to use the epidemic to create division in society. He said: “We know that this is used as an opportunity by the far right to impose responsibility on some ethnic groups. It does not take much to sow discord within these societies, and this is why we closely monitor it. ”

The Amal, No Hate group confirmed that it had found a misleading campaign alleging that mosques remained open in defiance of the government’s advice.

A spokesperson for her said: “Britain’s far-right activists are increasingly united around the idea that globalization and migrants are the cause of the current epidemic. They did not miss the opportunity to spread racist stereotypes and conspiracy theories about the Chinese people through extremist platforms and channels. ”

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