Camp Rosario – Massive New Occupation Base in Syria Awaits Last to Leave Iraq

By Nahed Al-Husaini 

By Nahed al Husani, VT Damascus

<Completion of the installation of a new military base for U.S. forces in Syria>

– US forces stationed in Syria completed the installation of a new military base in the “Bob alkehr” area between Hasakah and Ash Shaddai as of yesterday.

– The base is called “Camp Rosario” and is named after a US Army 3rd Special Forces fighter who died in Syria in 2019.

– This base is a medium-sized military base where two infantry battalions can be stationed. There are 16 guard posts on the outskirts, 18 guard posts inside, as well as combat command facilities and service support facilities.

– The base will be home to the 198th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in the future, and will control key areas and roads leading to the oil fields in eastern Syria.

– The US military will strictly control the entry and exit of combat forces other than the US military to this military base.

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