Cahersiveen: hotbed of Jew hatred


Cahersiveen: hotbed of Jew hatred (Marc Moller)

J’Accuse!The Jerusalem Post is known for perpetrating hoaxes based on fake reports of anti-Semitism. It published a story purporting that Norway was riddled with anti-Semitism. Turns out the report was written by someone who made almost all of it up. He mistook his own personal fear of anti-Semitism with the real thing and made things up so people would be forewarned.On a slightly different note, Caroline Glick wrote an atrocious account blaming multi-culturalism and Norwegian criticism of Israel for the Breivik mass murder. This too is a perfect example of the Post’s desperate need to twist major news events to suit their ideological biases.Now, it’s the paper’s Ireland correspondent, Sarah Honig, who has regaled us with a dramatic episode of rabid anti-Semitism in a cozy village in the famed Ring of Kerry.  In the village of Cahersiveen, a sleeping giant of Jew-hatred laid in wait for her.  When she walked down the street encountering seemingly innocent Irish schoolchildren, and scratched beneath the surface, she found mad-dog Jew haters.
I thank God there’s someone like Honig around to alert us to this scurvy villain lurking in the hearts of Man (Irish man at least).  Here are some of the more choice bits from Honig’s account:There were no hints of affection there for us. On the town’s main thoroughfare, Church Street, I was buttonholed by three boisterous teenagers in Santa hats, carrying a collection box and big signs reading “Free Palestine.” They solicited my contribution.I asked: “Free Palestine from whom?” The cheery trio’s swift answer was unambiguous: “The Jews.”I pressed on: “Do you know where your money would go? “The boys: “To plant olive trees.”“Are you sure,” I continued, as kindly-looking little old ladies generously opened their purses and dropped coins and bills in the collection box, “that this money wouldn’t fund terrorists and murderers?”
Their retort threw me for a loop: “What do you have against Palestinians? What have they done to you? They are only against Jews. Jews are evil.”
I am right here and now challenging Honig and the Post’s editor to provide any proof of this encounter: a tape recording would be definitive, but even contemporaneous notes would help.Short of that I’m going to call this account fiction embellished by the feverish ideological imagination of a wannabe reporter. The Irish Times has interviewed the main principles in her story, who deny they said anything approaching what she claims.
[ed notes;these rae few excerpts,click link for whole expose…

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