CABA website attack defeated


You may have tried to login to our new website at  and got the above notice from Microsoft (MS), who blocklisted our website. The great news is that they have now accepted our case and have removed the warning notice!

We think what happened was that some unsavoury individual reported it as malicious software to MS, whereupon someone in their graders team in Delaware then added it to their list of unsafe sites. On our appeal, another bit of MS decided that designation was “incorrect and inaccurate” and lifted the notice.

Maybe the drubbing that poor Whoopi got helped them realise there was lots of bogus antisemitism out there.

Whoever attacked us will no doubt try again, so we’ve taken out a contract with a malware protection service, so if anybody tries to hack us, it will be detected and fixed in a jiffy..

The same individual has been busy – Norton have also blocklisted our website- we have asked to get the block lifted and we hope we get that in the next few days.

We’re aware that the website might need improving! If you can think of changes or edits, please let us know; it will come in for a lot of scrutiny. You can contact us at [email protected]  Thanks, Pete Gregson, acting chair

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