Bush Administration Officially Found Guilty of War Crimes- Lawyer Says “We WILL Get Bush”


The White House is getting nervous about its own crimes, as the worlds top war crimes prosecuting lawyer declares he WILL get Bush and Obama, for torture and secret wars ” we don’t even know about”.

George W Bush Jail
By Cassius Methyl
In the first trial of its kind ever, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, William Haynes, Jay Bybee, and John Yoo were convicted in Malaysia, for torture and inhumane degrading treatment of people.
This is no small or meaningless trial- this is a very serious and historical guilty verdict, like a 21st century Nuremberg trial, and only the first of many trials to come. The names of all these guilty, high ranking officials are even going to be entered into the “Commission’s Register of War Criminals ” for public record.
This trial was the work of Malaysia’s ex Prime Minister Mahuthir Mohamad. The trial went over and received testimony from people like ex-Guantanamo detainees, an Iraqi woman who was tortured in the Abu Ghraib prison, and many other victims of the criminal Bush Administration. The prosecutors say its just he beginning, the Obama administration’s prosecution is coming too.
War crimes expert and lawyer Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois was part of the prosecution team. Francis Boyle says he hopes similar trials will be carried out around the world, and that they likely will. The citizens of the world can and will prosecute these war criminals before they do worse.
As for past attempts at getting George Bush, Boyle says “I’ve tried to get bush indicted three times in Canada with Canadian lawyers, and then in Switzerland, where we scared Bush out of making a speech because he feared prosecution. ” Clearly, these criminals are scared, and they are more then likely using intelligence agencies of the US to ensure their own safety from the prosecution they deserve.
The court also heard testimony from people such as Abbas Abia’s, a 48 yr old engineer from Fallujah, Iraq, who had his fingernails removed with pliers, Ali Shalal, who was connected to bare electrical wires and electrocuted while being hung from a wall, and Jameelah, who was stripped nude, humiliated, and used as a human shield while on a helicopter. So as this goes to show, US forces were using people as human shields too, possibly more than the famously alleged “suicide bombers using women and children as human shields”.
But this wasn’t just a few fringe people in Iraq- this treatment was directly ordered by every member of the Bush Administration indicted. Emails and other evidence were presented, showing that the leaders coordinated with their military personnel techniques of torture, and that they ordered the inhumane treatment themselves, therefore they are responsible. People compare this to the Nuremberg trials of Nazi Germany, and rightfully so.
Dick Cheney says in his own biography that he fears being prosecuted as a war criminal, and that, he will face more than likely. Justice is coming, and the world will no longer stand for these crimes against humanity. This is just he beginning- the Bush Administration will be prosecuted, and the Obama Administration is next, as these top war crimes prosecutors insist.

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