Burglary Prevention

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A few points to consider to keep your home safe from any unwanted intruders;

Beware of bogus callers
STOP: Are you expecting anybody?
CHAIN: Secure the door chain or bar before opening the door
CHECK: Ask for identification. If in doubt, call a neighbour or police on 101.
Keep keys out of view and away from doors.
Make sure doors and windows are secure at all times.
Don’t advertise expensive electrical item purchases by leaving the packaging by your bins. Put these out on collection day.
Store high value items in a properly secure place.
If you’re planning to spend time away from your home;
Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home (where possible).

Set radios or lights on a timer.
Avoid posting your plans on social media.
If your home or someone else’s home is being burgled, and the suspect is still in the premises, do not enter, and call 999 as soon as possible.

Your safety is our number one concern, so please don’t approach or confront the suspect.

You can visit our virtual reality house to get home security tips using the link below.


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