Brzezinski: US Warmongers “Infected” By Notion Of Regional Destabilization


Former Secretary of State also stated the US is engaging in “mass propaganda” regarding Syria
Photo: Explosive Reports
Photo: Explosive Reports
By Jurriaan Maessen

Former Secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski has come out to comment on the volitile nature of America’s current hawkish position towards Syria, stating in an interview on June 24 that he suspects certain neoconservative factions to be “infected” with the notion of destabilizing Israel’s neighbors in the Middle-East.
In response to a question by TNI senior editor Jacob Heilbrunn, wondering if the “the dream of the neo-conservatives” (American-Israeli dominance over a destabilized Middle-East) will “create a domino effect in the Middle East, in which we would topple one regime after the other”, the former Secretary of State replied:
“True, that might be the case. They hope that in a sense Syria would redeem what happened originally in Iraq. But I think what we have to bear in mind is that in this particular case the regional situation as a whole is more volatile than it was when they invaded Iraq, and perhaps their views are also infected by the notion, shared by some Israeli right-wingers, that Israel’s strategic prospects are best served if all of its adjoining neighbors are destabilized.”
Zbig Brzezinski, who knows a thing or two about undermining sovereign nations by supplying internal factions with arms, went on to say that the result of America’s current stance on Syria will likely destabilize the region even further. In addition he expressed concern over the prospect that if these “neocon” factions within the Anglo-American establishment have their way, the result will probably be the annihilation of Israel in the long run:
“I happen to think that is a long-term formula for disaster for Israel, because its byproduct, if it happens, is the elimination of American influence in the region, with Israel left ultimately on its own.”
Brzezinski’s comments are following earlier statements by the Secretary of State under President Carter that the US is “essentially engaging in mass propaganda, portraying this (Syrian conflict) as a democratic war.”

“This (Syria) is a sectarian war, waged with great brutality by both sides”, Brzezinski added.
Almost simultaneously, that other influential former Secretary of State (Henry Kissinger) expressed that same sentiment, also pointing to an apparent and dangerous effort by the Obama administration to throw fire on the Syrian oil- aided perhaps by some power-hungry neocons (like, for example, warmonger McCain). Both Kissinger and Brzezinski also underline that the US media is being lined up for war.
Recently ExplosiveReports.Com first broke the news that Kissinger favors a balkanized outcome of the current crisis in Syria. In his talk, Kissinger in addition suggested that the US media is aiding the Obama administration in its hunger for further destabilization of the region, possibly drawing Iran into the conflict as well:
“In the American press it’s described as a conflict between democracy and a dictator- and the dictator is killing his own people, and we’ve got to punish him. But that’s not what’s going on. It may have been started by a few democrats. But on the whole it’s an ethnic and sectarian conflict”, Kissinger stated.
“If you read our media they say: we’ve got to get rid of Assad. And if we get rid of Assad, then we form a coalition government. Inconceivable. I’m all in favour of getting rid of Assad, but the dispute between us and the Russians on that issue, was that the Russians say: you start with getting rid of not just Assad, that’s not the issue, but you break up the state administration and you’ll wind up like in Iraq- that there is nothing to hold it together. And then you’ll have an even worse civil war.”
Brzezinski and Kissinger are both sounding like natural born conspiracy theorists, don’t you think? Surely the media would never “engage in mass propaganda”. The very thought.

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