British Bilderberg Participant Decries Group’s Secrecy


Bilderberg 2013 participant: “I’m honoured to have been asked to go. But it’s crazy. They [the organisers] wouldn’t tell us where we were going to stay until a couple of weeks beforehand.”


By Jurriaan Maessen
Sherard Cowper-Coles, former diplomat and current director at BAE told a reporter at the Standard that the organization’s veil of secrecy not only applies to the outside world, but also extends to those invited to participate.
The Standard reported yesterday that “even those inside the perimeter are victims of Bilderberg’s steel ring of secrecy.” Journalist Joy Lo Dico quotes the influential BAE director as saying:
“I’m honoured to have been asked to go,” he told me last night in London. “But it’s crazy. They [the organisers] wouldn’t tell us where we were going to stay until a couple of weeks beforehand,” adding with a smirk: “Some people had to book their private jets in advance.”
Cowper-Coles, who as former Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan has extensive experience guarding British interests in the Middle-East, is not the first Bilderberg participant to openly criticize the way the group’s Steering Committee upholds the veil of secrecy that has shrouded any insight into the annual confab for the last 59 years.
As Infowars reported today, there are obvious signs that some Bilderberg participants are now ventilating their discomfort with the Group’s unaccountable way of doing business, even contemplating a press-conference to appease protestors.
Paul Joseph Watson reported that “a source close to the security operation for the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference has told Infowars that numerous members of the secretive organization are aggrieved at the way it is being operated with scant regard for transparency and are lobbying for Bilderberg steering committee members to allow them to address protesters this week.”
According to Infowars’ source there are “a number” of participants involved in the meeting from tomorrow onward have criticized the meetings, even suggesting that a small delegation of Bilderberg members may come out and speak to the protesters and media set to assemble from June 6-9 at the Grove Hotel grounds. As Infowars relates today it’s very likely that the criticism is originating from the “Libertarian camp” within the group, most notably Pieter Thiel- who is set to attend this year’s conference. Alex Jones, who has had contact with two separate contacts in the US Senate in the previous months, confirms that there is a discussion waging within Bilderberg about the issue of transparency.
The latest words by this year’s participant Sherard Cowper-Coles underlines the fact that there appears to be a division within the Group, which makes it likely that the core Group may dissolve the annual meetings and retreat into other, lesser known meetings in the future.

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