Britain Says Two-State Solution Almost Dead

William Hague made a statement in Parliament in which he blamed the increasing expansion of illegal settlements on the death of a two-state solution. He also warned Israel it was losing international support due to this issue.
The comments came on the day of the Israeli elections, which saw Netanyahu’s party lose some from the previous election. The Foreign Secretary said “I condemn recent Israeli decisions to expand settlements. I speak regularly to Israeli leaders stressing our profound concern that Israel’s settlement policy is losing it the support of the international community and will make a two-state solution impossible.” Hague also added that “if we do not make progress in the coming year, people will increasingly conclude that a two-state solution has become impossible,”
Israeli-Palestinian talks have been frozen since 2010 due to continued illegal settlement construction. Netanyahu has demanded the Palestinians return to talks without preconditions. However, on the other hand he has continued Israel’s belligerent occupation policies thus undermining the Palestinian position. FOA believes that Israeli policies in the West Bank and Jerusalem have established facts on the ground preventing the possibility of a contiguous Palestinian state; thus making a one-state solution the only viable option.
Ismail Patel

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