Brexit set to Impact Nazi Trade with Britain


Brexit could seriously impact the Israeli economy and its bilateral trade with Britain as UK becomes free from being a signatory to the EU-Israel Association Agreement that gives unrestricted access to Israeli exporters from the Middle East into the British market.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU will enable more accurate identification of those lobbyists in and around the House of Commons whose agenda it is to influence Members of Parliament to pass legislation and trade deals that are advantageous not to the UK but to Israel.

This is particularly relevant to the pharmaceutical and defence procurement sectors where millions of pounds of contracts are concluded with Israeli firms by the NHS and government defence departments as a result of pernicious lobbying by pro-Israel interests in both Brussels and London.

All this will now change as any remaining future British trade with Israel will now need to be far more transparent and based on open competition instead of free trips to Israel and other often covert inducements offered by lobbyists in order to secure UK government contracts.

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