Brexit, Bernie, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street 


Brexit may be the first citizens’ revolt against the bankers’ system to succeed anywhere in the world, at least in my lifetime. Congratulations, Brits, I didn’t  think you had it in you.  Warmaker, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned!  The ice is broken, and it’s very likely that other EU members will follow this same path, and perhaps, put that disgusting EU multi-central banking monster to rest forever. 


The every day, not too rich, not too poor Brits, both old and young, have spoken in the face of overwhelming odds from organized political and banker power, and the press.   The swing issue may have been the millions of homeless war refugees who are swamping Europe, victims of wars that its own leaders, Cameron, Brown and Blair supported and promoted.  They helped make the homeless by backing every US led war in the Middle East.

Brexit is a milestone.  The world financial markets  tell us the truth, near chaos today, June 24, 2016!  Just look at the US stock market and the gold market; those who are use to having total control fear Brexit!  Congratulation to everyone in the UK who would not quit, but we in the United States have a chance to do much more.

The same revolt is alive and well here in the USA. We saw it in Occupy Wall Street for a brief flash before it was crushed and discredited.  And, we have seen this revolt that carried along both the Sanders’ and Trump’s campaigns…both are revolts.   Both phenomena are a part of this same, “I MAY NOT BE INFORMED BUT I AM FED UP” movement right here in the USA.  One of these seems to be a genuine reformer named Bernie Sanders, who has already made history, running into as much headwind as Brexit did, gaining huge popularity and financial support from millions.  Right or wrong, Burnie is trusted, no-one else is.

Sanders must now run for President as an Independent, or on some third party platform, but run he must. Like him or lump him, he is our best chance for an American Brexit.  He is logical and believable, and he is here at an appointed hour when we need him, never mind his faults.  Sanders like Brexit, has captured the imagination of both the millennials and the aging, ‘I AM FED UP’ crowd.   Tell him Run!  He might just win, and If he quits now, we will surely get War Queen Hilary as our President. What if Brexit sponsors had given up when everyone said it could not win, and the forces of politicians, banks, and media were stacking a fear campaign?

For perhaps the first time in a lifetime, the world central banking money printers who created the European Union (EU) and control our FED, are running scared. They feared Brexit, they said so, and they are showing it by their acts. They have shot off their heavy weapons in London, and the public was not hearing them.  They lowered interest rates to zero, yet the economy is stagnant.  They have played the controlled-War card, time and time again, and it no longer stimulates growth.  We must be aware of the Big War Card vs Russia, that our banker warmakers still hold as a last resort.  We must not let them play it.  We need one peace candidate for president who others can rally around.

Bernie, you are not perfect to all of us, but you are here and you are known. Remember, both the Democrats and Republicans were once third parties looking in from the outside.  Run Bernie, give us someone to vote for, give us a chance for a USexit.

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