Breaking: US Jewish Leaders Apologize for USS Liberty, Promise Not to Meddle in US Foreign Policy Anymore (But Promises to Shiksas Don’t Count)

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Jewish Leaders Meet Obama, Apologize for USS Liberty
BNN Senior Producer Karl Reich, 23 January 2013
Washington (BNN) – Leaders of several major American Jewish organizations met today with President Barack Obama and his national security team, offering abject apologies for the Israeli covert attack on the USS Liberty that left 34 Killed in Action (KIA), and 171 Wounded in Action (WIA).
For over 30 years the US Government has been a co-conspirator with Israel and its Zionist supporters in the US, whose campaign contributions to US Senators and Representatives were always accompanied by a note, “Forget about the USS Liberty — it was just business.”
The participants refused to discuss the specifics of the meeting. The groups at the hour-long session included the Anti-Defamation League, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations and the American Jewish Committee.
The Israeli Ambassador was not present, he is recovering from a fall and is under observation in his home for a possible blood clot.
Several of those groups have raised concerns about possible crackdowns on Israeli “art students” running various drug and pedophilia related operations in the US, and offered to pay a 20% “courtesy tax” to all US political candidates funded by Jewish organizations in 2014, if their apology was accepted.
A statement from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations described the meeting as “an important opportunity for a serious and thorough discussion of key issues of importance to all of us, but especially for us to offer a long overdue apology for the mass murder by Israel of US sailors manning an unarmed signal surveillance ship 25.5 nautical miles (29.3 mi; 47.2 km offshore the Egyptian city of Arish.”
Vice President Joe Biden also joined the meeting along with White House officials, the statement read, and accepted the indirect apology from Israel offered by the leadingsayonim, who termed Vice President Biden the best friend of Israel and anything Israel wants.
In return for the acceptance of the proferred apology, Israel’s civil society representatives — most holding dual US-Israeli citizenship — agreed not to interfere with the confirmation hearings of any of Obama’s nominees in his second term.
Phi Beta Iota:  We strongly support the concept of Truth and Reconciliation.  Thesayonim are to saluted for their gesture.  Israel has apologized and paid financial reparations (initially in 1968 and more in 1980), but a sincere and public apology to the American people has never been offered.
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