Breaking – Raw Intel on Nuclear Weapon Risks – Iran and North Korea


Iran and North Korea Negotiations, Sources Well Above Top Secret


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Not a couple of things first.  VT posted the first proven UFO video ever.  We were given full access to analysis of others, all CGI or worse. 

The real one is from Korea, April 7, and is of import.  That the mainstream news and others never bothered to note what we published amuses the hell out of me.

As a side note, these aren’t the only films analyzed. We proved an American built UFO capable of over 16,000 mph in low atmosphere is real.  We also have hard info many other things are CGI.

Almost everything seen on television on 9/11 had a CGI aspect to it, was a “cartoon.”  However, as I am not authorized to divulge beyond this, let your imagination run wild.

Brzezinski from January, touching on issues coming online now:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

You will be underestimating the truth.

In fact, half our news is computer generated, it almost isn’t worth watching anymore.  Let us leave it at that.

As for what is considered “hard Intel” today:

I have received from unofficial, read “very official” sources that, after the US decided to back out of its food deal with North Korea, that it and Iran came to an agreement.

Thus, a major national intelligence agency says that there is an agreement in place to transfer enough uranium hexafloride gas to Iran for them to build a nuclear weapon.

I am told that this is not part of a “new bomb” program but to refurbish older weapons of uncertain origin, maybe Ukraine, maybe US weapons lost off Somalia.

I am not saying this is true but I am saying it is believed, which is worse.

This would give Iran a nuclear capability in weeks.

[Editors Note: Our own nuclear reprocessing and weapons expert, Clinton Bastin has always disputed that getting one’s hands on 20% gas is not a quick step to anything. Converting it to weapons grade levels is a process the took huge resources and a lot of time for us to master. If done incorrectly you can have a disaster.

And then converting to metal form and into a weapon on a delivery system another whole new set of challenges, where you can blow the place up.

If whatever Korea would be sending them to be a several week game changer, it is not the gas. It may be a cover story for something else that is actually being sent that was not revealed. Welcome to that world.

And trying to work on an old weapon and defeat it’s fail safe tampering engineering…well that is a job you give to someone ahead of you for a promotion, or to whom you owe a lot of money…JD]

Other information from months ago indicated that Iran had 6 old and now learned to be unserviceable 550kt Soviet thermonuclear warheads which they purchased with an equally unserviced SS 19 missile, probably delivered in February 2002.

This other nation, a major NATO power, claims they also have older American warheads and hope to refurbish them quickly with North Korea’s help.

Their purpose, it is believed, is to forestall an Israeli attack.  I have no idea if any of this is deliverable or not.

Dimona is, we are told, the likely target for a huge thermonuclear weapon.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

All of this is from sources that are highly respected and very likely to have an agenda of their own.The Israelis recently released interviews with their Iran strike pilots, very colorful ones, so this new info may be part of the psy ops battle going on here.

And as Ziggy said above, fear and uncertainty could trigger an event that was not planned. So this has the whiff of ‘game war theory’, and the Israelis claim to be the best at it, although the public relations disaster on how they handled the ‘Flytilla’ would beggar that.

It is my belief that the current issues are more tied to oil price speculation but as Iran is being put under sanctions that keep them from using oil revenue, their deal with Israel is breaking up.

This means there could really be a war because President Obama wasn’t adequately briefed in on the oil price game.  He is going after oil companies when oil speculation is being handled by futures traders more than speculators, traders who are capable of maneuvering the Israeli government to attack Iran.

What I have to leave you with here is this:  I write the news, I report it, I don’t invent it.  I am simply reporting what I am told and what I believe reasonable.

What I am told to report, and I very much mean “told” is that there has been as severe escalation in tensions tied to the ending of the food deal with North Korea, the “possible” destruction of their rocket by “whatever” and an active deal to transfer material somehow to Iran without IAEA oversight.

I can also say that the organization I am getting information from has been both right and wrong and is subject to influence from Israel.

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