Breaking News: Justin Trudeau Accuses Jewish Member of Parliament for Supporting Nazis

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Video: Breaking News: Justin Trudeau Accuses Jewish Member of Parliament for Supporting Nazis
By Jamie Schmale,
Instead of answering questions, he resorted to accusing Melissa Lantsman, a Jewish Member of Parliament and a descendant of Holocaust survivors, of supporting those waving swastikas. There were many on the opposition side of the House who immediately came to her defence. However, the Liberal benches were silent on the Prime Minister’s demeaning comments. Read more…
Video: Dr. Charles Hoffe Speaks Out to the World
By Dr. Charles Hoffe,
Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family physician in British Columbia. “I have been horrified to see what the COVID shots have done to my own patients. I have a small country practice with about 2,000 patients and amongst those people, I now have 12 in my own practice who are disabled since their COVID shots.” Read more…
Video: #FreedomConvoy2022 to Veterans and Civilians: “Please Come. Your Country Needs You.”
By Bridge City News,
They addressed a narrative circulating around mainstream media regarding the removal of a fence around the National War Memorial. They also asked for other veterans and civilians to come support the Freedom Convoy, saying “Please come. Your country needs you.” Read more…
The 2020-22 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d’État and the “Great Reset”
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky,
The latest developments suggest that the COVID-19 narrative is crumbling amidst major protests worldwide. A mass movement against the COVID mandate is unfolding coast to coast across Canada in solidarity with cross-border truck drivers. Tens of thousands of people have joined the truck drivers in Ottawa. Read more…
Justin Trudeau’s Swastikas. “Democracy with Neo-Nazi Characteristics”
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky,
Justin Trudeau is unceasingly referring to swastikas intimating that the Freedom Convoy organizers are not only supportive of Nazi symbols but are anti-Semitic. And on February 16, he directed these wild accusations against the Conservative Party of Canada. Read more…
NATO Insists on Russian Invasion Narrative to Justify New European Battlegroups
By Paul Antonopoulos,
The predicted February 16 Russian invasion of Ukraine came and passed without incident. In fact, not only did Russian soldiers begin demobilization on February 15 with the end of defense exercises, but Russian officials even took the opportunity to mock the West for their bold announcement on when exactly the supposed invasion of Ukraine would begin. Read more…
Video: War with Ukraine Cancelled Due to Bad Weather
By South Front,
Russian General Staff officers woke up on Wednesday morning and were surprised to find that their tanks were not yet in Kharkov, and the troops were not in Odessa. It turned out that the United States decided to cancel Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 16. Read more…
Video: Fired 20-year Global News, News Director Anita Krishna Speaks Out
By Anita Krishna,
Anita Krishna tells everyone how things changed in 2020…when Justin Trudeau’s Liberals handed out 600M dollars to “news” organizations, calls out some specific bad actors, her former news rivals/colleagues and more. Read more…
Canada’s Emergency Act — We All Need to Contact Our MPs and Senators Now
By Shirley Guertin,
It’s essential that every one of us telephones their MP (BOTH offices – local & Ottawa) and as many other MPs and senators (105, so suggest to begin with Independent — they listen and read) as possible now to protest the Emergencies Act. Read more…
Pfizer, BioNTech Seek COVID Biologic Emergency Use Authorization for Infants as Young as Six Months Old
By Natasha Hobley,
A statement from Pfizer states that the “rolling submission” application was submitted on Feb. 1, 2022 at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “in response to the urgent public health need in this population.” Read more…

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