by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian
Those who robbed Palestine have NO moral or ethical argument whatsoever, so they got into the habit of using two fig leaves to cover their nude morality: Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial.
Accusing Palestinians or human right activists of being hateful, racist and antisemites because they EXPOSE and DETEST the ideology of SUPREMACY rampant amongst the occupiers of Palestine, yet simultaneously keeping MUTE about such supremacy within, is hypocrisy at best, and active deception at worst.
What a bizarre configuration imposed upon Palestinians and their supporters; they call activists racists for fighting racism, while they consolidate the racism of others by propagating such accusations as a smoke screen to silence truths and concealugliness in one shot.
Palestinians and their genuine supporters must walk away from the distraction of those who insist on injecting our struggle with banners of “fighting antisemitism”, or “fighting holocaust deniers”, these are NOT our battles, these battles belong to ADL and its ilk.
Palestinians and their genuine supporters must come together to dialogue, explore strategies and hopefully work for  unified aims with clear vision without having to tiptoe around their thoughts along the path for freedom, and without having to sacrifice their aspiration of liberation on the altar of sensitivities of their persecutors and for the sake of not offending their oppressors.

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