Brazilian social movement activists supporting Palestinian freedom of political prisoners

NOVANEWS PCB – Freedom for the 4,600 Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons.Since 1948, when it was created the state of Israel on Palestinian land, a wave of violence and aggression marks the daily lives of the Palestinian people. All Palestinians fighting Israeli occupation and for national independence have been persecuted, imprisoned, tortured or murdered by the successive governments of Israel. The State of Israel is now the world champion for human rights violations. It is an undemocratic and racist state, practicing ethnic cleansing throughout occupied Palestine. The legitimate Palestinian national liberation struggle against Israeli colonialism took over 800 thousand Palestinians for Israeli prisons since 1967.
We, the undersigned, condemn the practices to daily aggressions committed by Israel against the Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prisons. We condemn the arrests against the Palestinian people, who longs for freedom and independence. According to the latest reports from human rights organizations, the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails reached 4,600, by the end of October 2012. Among them: 84 administrative detainees, 189 children, 10 MPs, 9 women, 530 which serving life sentences, 451 sentenced for more than 20 yearsGiven this situation, we demand:1) the immediate revocation of administrative detention, which lack any legal basis and are more an instrument of unlawful occupation forces;2) protecting the dignity and lives of prisoners held hunger strikes to protest their poor prison conditions;3) compliance with the agreements reached between the prisoners, the direction of the prisons and the domestic intelligence service of Israel (Beit Shein);4) immediate release of all 1027 prisoners who were included in the agreement made in 2011, because many of those who were released were re-arrested and persecuted by the occupation troops;5) immediately release all members of the Palestinian Legislative Council members, who were elected by the people to exercise their mandate and strengthen the democratic struggle in Palestine, and which are now in Israeli jails;6) the end of the policy of isolation within prisons, which subjects the prisoner to conditions more inhumane because it excludes the possibility of contact with other prisoners and their families;7) the immediate release of all children and young people under 18 because their fundamental rights guaranteed by various resolutions and the very foundation of the UN Charter are being routinely abused in Israeli jails, as right to health, education etc.;8) the immediate release of all prisoners who are ill considered serious;9) decent medical care and access to medication and treatment, with the possibility of visits by family physicians indicated and / or human rights organizations that monitor and provide assistance and relief to prisoners;10) guarantee the right to education and access to higher education within the Israeli prisons, inmates entitled to have access to books, magazines and newspapers;11) that the State of Israel to respect and comply with the international agreements and conventions on human rights in relation to Palestinian political prisoners.The struggle of Palestinian political prisoners for better conditions of life in prison and his release is an essential part of the struggle for justice and peace in Palestine.
There will be no peace without justice. And justice means today to treat with dignity and free all political prisoners jailed for fighting for the liberation of their homeland. The struggle of the Palestinian national liberation movement against Israeli occupation is a legitimate struggle, inspired by the heroic resistance of the people of other nations who also fought and won colonialism, thus winning their inalienable right to sovereignty, independence and self-determination.We ask all democratic and progressive forces of the world, and its political, social, cultural and humanitarian, and the governments that defend and practice the fundamental principles of human rights and international humanitarian law, to disclose this petition and that they deliver to the Israeli authorities in their countries, because the Palestinian cause is now a cause of all mankind.Nobody can get away with such an injustice. It is time for the State of Israel be tried for committing numerous crimes that comes against the Palestinian people.PEACE, JUSTICE AND FREEDOM FOR PALESTINE!!!
[ed notes:click link and see at bottom the magnitude and size of civic society groups and organizations who signed on to this petition

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