Dear All

With millions of gallons of oil still swirling in the Gulf, a BP executive had a message for Gulf Coast residents: “I want my life back.” This is the same executive who claimed the spill was “tiny” compared to the size of the ocean.1
Is this what BP stands for? Broken Promises? Maybe it’s time BP’s corporate tag line gets a reality check.
We’re asking what “BP” should stand for now that they’ve wrecked the Gulf.
Beyond Patience? Broken Promises? Blame Palin?
Now’s your chance to submit your own ideas as well as VOTE on others!
The winning phrase will be
chosen for a bumper sticker design and delivered to BP’s corporate offices.
Come and tell us what you think BP stands for:

We asked our Facebook group this question too and got loads of brilliant
(and semibrilliant) answers. “Bloody Profits,” “Backup Plan,” and “Belly uP”
were all favorites.
Now we want to hear from all of you to see what phrase is the most popular
for renaming BP. We’ll put the most popular phrase on a bumper sticker for
you to share with friends — and we’ll deliver a stack of them to BP’s corporate
headquarters in London.
So click here to make a suggestion or vote for your favorites. And may the
Best Phrase win.
Drew Hudson
TrueMajority / USAction

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