Video: Bombs, Body Scans and Israel!



New Video is:  Bombs, Body scans, and Israel !

This video focuses on the new airport body scans and the loss of rights and and invasion of privacy — all because of the Zionist domination of our government and foreign policy.
As seen by the airport scans and body searches, Americans face more loss of rights and a draconian invasion of privacy from the Zionist dominated government. Sooner or later Americans need to wake up to the real cost of supporting the criminal state of Israel.
Terrorism, loss of rights, economic destruction and loss, and don’t forget: wars, lots of bloody, costly wars…for Israel not America!
911, Afghanistan, Iraq, how many trillions of dollars, how many lost lives, how much hate have they sewn across the fabric of the earth?
Down with Zionism!
This video is about the new body scans and full body searches you may now be required to go through to simply take a flight! This video adds a new commentary from me plus the  Shoe Bombs, Crotch Bombs, 911 and Israel– original video–  to make a powerful presentation on how Zionism is the world’s biggest problem!

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