Blockbuster: China Calls Out Biden for 200 Secret US Bio-Warfare Labs, Faking Syria Gas Attacks

By VT Editors

Washington Post: China reacted angrily to the Biden administration’s calls for a harder investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, by accusing the United States of hypocrisy and suggesting it needed to open its own biological laboratories to international inspection.

Speaking at a media briefing in Beijing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian said that President Joe Biden’s call for more scrutiny of the still-disputed origins of coronavirus was politically motivated and showed that the United States “does not care about facts and truth, nor is it interested in serious scientific origin tracing.”Zhao, one of the country’s most notoriously hawkish diplomats, referenced a U.S. military location that has been linked to the coronavirus outbreak by Chinese media.

Describing Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md., as “full of suspicion,” Zhao said the United States needed to open it up to international scrutiny. “There are more than 200 U.S. biological laboratories scattered around the world. How many secrets are there?” he said.

Fort Detrick hosts elements of the country’s biological defense program. While trying to deflect criticism of their handling of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese officials have repeatedly responded by calling for the U.S. base to be opened to international inspectors.

In his remarks, Zhao also mentioned the faulty intelligence about weapons of mass destruction that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and implied U.S. intelligence services were linked to a chemical weapons attack attributed to the Assad regime against ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria.

From the early days of the pandemic, some Chinese news outlets have pushed speculation that there was a foreign link to the outbreak in Wuhan, noting that the city hosted the World Military Games in October 2019.

Last March 12, Zhao tweeted: “It might be [the] US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan.”  read more

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