Blair is ‘the world’s worst terrorist’ – bereaved sister

Bereaved families of some of the 179 British servicepeople killed during the Iraq war burst into loud applause after hearing Sir John Chilcot deliver a summary of the long-awaited report into the conflict.

At their own press coneference, held immediately after Sir John delivered his findings, Sarah O’Connor, the sister of one dead soldier was cheered as she decribed Tony Blair as “the world’s worst terrorist”.

Ms O’Connor, whose brother Sergeant Bob O’Connor was killed in 2005 when the aircraft he was in was bought down by insurgents, said: “There is one terrorist that the world needs to be aware of and his name is Tony Blair, the world’s worst terrorist.”

The bereaved families made clear they would now be considering legal action on the basis of the Chilcot and that Tony Blair was likely to be one of their targets…

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