Black lives matter?

Fernando Guevara writes:

How is it possible that a black man was towed through the streets in a rope, by mounted police?

For trespassing on someone’s property? Or for something else?

How is it possible that the reaction of the Galveston Police Department was: “Sorry, an unnecessary embarrassment”? They probably meant it was an unfortunate embarrassment to themselves. And they did not dismiss the police officers who did it? Or expose them?

Imagine this same response in the face of it happening to a white person in Massachusetts. Or to a Jewish person in Washington, DC. Try. See if you can.

“[Galveston] Police chief Vernon Hale said that it is a ‘trained technique’ and ‘best practice in some scenarios’ and that his officers had no ‘malicious intent’.” To add insult, the police department has posted a video of the horror on its website. A video that I refuse to watch.

To those who spread the picture that identifies the victim of the abuse on social media: What were you thinking? This is a man. Yes, a person. He is not just an example. He lives. Could we just leave his name and face out, and show him that the rest of us respect  this person?

If we have any humanity left to salvage, could we do it now?

Black lives matter?

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