Black Alliance for Peace Says No to “War with Iran”!


The decision by the Trump administration to breach the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—better known as the Iranian nuclear agreement—moves the United States once again into a dangerous situation in which the United States might directly or indirectly be involved in yet another military confrontation.
The Trump administration feels fairly confident that the U.S. public will follow it down a path to war with Iran. We must demonstrate to him and all of the officials in government and beyond that the people will not tolerate more bloodshed, and more destruction of cities, cultures and peoples to advance the narrow and misguided policies of a state that has centered war as its first option.
The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) has spoken out forcefully in opposition to U.S. war policies over the first year of its existence. With almost no money, no full-time staff, no permanent office, we have, nevertheless, become a driving force in the efforts to re-build the broader anti-war, anti-imperialist movement in the United States.
We are now mobilizing toward the National Assembly for Black Liberation taking place May 18-20 in Durham, North Carolina. This will be a strategic space for BAP in that Black activists from around the country will gather there as part of the effort to re-build a national Black left network. One of the resolutions that will be debated at this gathering is one submitted by BAP asking the movement commit itself to centering anti-militarism and anti-imperialism once again and build the Black Alliance for Peace.
We are attempting to raise $3,000 to provide partial support for the participation of a dozen BAP members to cover gas, van rental, hotel, food and registration.
We go to the people when we have these kinds of requests and so we are coming to you once again, hoping you can give generously to this effort. Please donate here today so we can meet our goal by May 12.
Help us build a movement that will take power from the warmongers. We know there will be no peace without justice and that we are going to have to fight for justice—help us.

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