Bilderberg Expected to Push More War at 2011 Confab


By James P. Tucker Jr.

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland—As Bilderberg luminaries began gathering in this quaint, posh resort community, they were hopeful of pushing their agenda but wary that public exposure would continue to stifle their efforts.
Even before departing for St. Moritz, luminaries were reportedly grumpy, according to a source within Bilderberg who has been proven correct in reports for more than two decades. “It gets tougher to accomplish anything every year,” Henry Kissinger was heard saying. “In fact, what have we accomplished in recent years?”
Bilderberg “has to find another way of meeting,” said current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a former top official at the New York Federal Reserve bank, the most powerful of the Fed’s 12 branches.
International financiers expect outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates to continue globalist advances by maintaining a huge military deployment throughout the world and to defy the U.S. Constitution by not having Congress endorse America’s endless wars. Breaking this law is a position dictated by Bilderberg leaders who want the United States to continue sending troops throughout the world to do their bloody bidding.
But some news is bad for the Bilderberg boys on several fronts as public awareness, especially in Europe, continues to hamstring their efforts. Referring to the financial crises in Greece, Spain and Portugal, Peter Oborne wrote in The Irish Times of Dublin: “Mercifully, we did not sign up to the single currency, and are therefore completely independent of the common economic government imposed upon eurozone countries by the European Central Bank.”

Polls show that most Brits oppose surrendering national sovereignty to the European Union, although most of the Bilderberg-controlled leaders want to join. Greece’s European Union commissioner, Maria Damanaki, warned May 25 that the debt crisis threatens its use of the euro: “Either we agree with our borrowers on a program of tough sacrifice . . . or we return to the drachma [the former Greek national currency].”
Her comments came as Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou tried to persuade countrymen to accept EU-demanded cutbacks on social spending. Expanding the European Union into a continental superstate is a major goal of Bilderberg, but several countries are considering opting out and rejecting the euro.
Notably, nuclear power promotion is big with Bilderberg because it generates huge profits for these sons and grandsons of smokestack industries that comprise part of Bilderberg. Interestingly, bad news for Bilderberg may come from this year’s host country, Switzerland. The Swiss Cabinet has called for the elimination of the country’s five nuclear power reactors and for new energy sources to replace them. But this must be approved by parliament. German officials have also announced that they are moving away from nuclear power.

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