Bigot Vs. Bigot
This is a rare and important debate between infamous ultra-nationalist Rabbi Meir Kahane and the caricature Harvard Prof’ Alan Dershowitz.
In the debate, that took place in 1985, Rabbi Kahane explores a thoroughly coherent and consistent notion of Jewishness derived from self love, Jewish orthodoxy and the Torah. He grasps the true (and rather obvious) supremacist meaning of the Jewish state having to be primarily Jewish. Kahane’s views were not popular in Israel at the time, (he insisted that Arabs and Palestinians had no future in Israel so, he wanted them gone) but today, Kahane’s views are widely accepted in Israel and not at all different from Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liebermann’s political agenda.
But what is really interesting is to watch the role of Alan Dershowitz. Even in 1985, our infamous spin-master could not produce one genuine or truthful statement
It is clear that Dershowitz who, over the years, has acquired for himself a name of a ‘remarkable liar’, then as now, has a serious problem with truth-tellers. Dershowitz completely fails to encounter Kahane’s racist, coherent yet devastating argument. Instead, he reverts to personal attacks, name calling and the kind of tactics one might expect from a market peddler but not from a Harvard professor. It seems as if it took Dershowitz a few years to grasps that he himself is an ethnic-cleansing enthusiast who holds views that are not all that different from Rabbi Kahane’s.
I wonder how long it will take before the chameleon Harvard professor adopts my views.

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