November 9, 2010

A former CIA member says the Israeli premier can take US into war with Iran but Washington is not prepared for such a confrontation.
By Press TVPress tv” — US Republicans, riding a wave of economic discontent, took over the House of Representatives in mid-term polls, dealing a heavy blow to President Barack Obama.
November 08,2010 “
Analysts say control of the House will now give Republicans enough power to slam the brakes on Obama’s agenda.
“On Iran, there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They’re very comfortable with the idea that a foreign leader like [Benjamin] Netanyahu can take 300 million Americans to war whenever he wants,” said counterterrorism expert Michael Scheuer, who has worked with the Central Intelligence Agency for more than 20 years.
“The election was a disaster in terms of increasing the chances of another war that we don’t have the resources to fight, and we won’t have the will to win,” Newsmax quoted Scheuer as saying.
He criticized Obama for “saying the country can handle another 9/11 attack,” and added, “It’s a foolish comment of a man who is only moderately talented in terms of international affairs.”
“Given the disastrous state of our economy, I’m not so sure we could handle all the effects of an attack.”
Scheuer expressed doubt that gaining control of the US House by Republicans would improve anti-terrorism efforts, adding that “I don’t think there’s any real difference between Obama and his party and the Republicans.”
“They’re still fighting an enemy that doesn’t exist, an enemy they believe is attacking us because we have elections…”
Scheuer said no problem would be resolved “until they [US officials] understand we’re being attacked because of our foreign policy and what we do in the Muslim world, we’re never going to understand the motivation and size of the enemy.”
Regarding the Afghan war, Scheuer said the US forces should already have withdrawn from the country.
“It’s very clear that neither the military nor the president nor the Republicans intend to win in Afghanistan,” Scheuer said.
The Republicans, whose public support receded significantly during the presidency of George W. Bush, are now capitalizing on voter discontent with the troubled US economy, a nearly 10-percent unemployment rate, a home foreclosure crisis and the direction of the war in Afghanistan.
The US congressional elections have taken the character of a referendum on the policies of Obama, whose approval rating has hit a record low of 37 percent.

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