Between stealing books and personal entitlement to the term… no difference

By: Dr Adel Samara

To the comrade Saeed Mohamed:

Between stealing books and personal entitlement to the term… no difference:

I wrote this as a follow-up on a post of comrade Saeed Mohamed.

Hello my friend happy Twenty-two years ago, I carved the term “Introver Defeat” as part of my book title “Palestinian refugees between the right of return and the point of defeat: a reading in abrogation of the right of return” publications of the Literary Treasures House Beirut 1962 and the founder of the late fighter house Saeed Saif/Ab Dr. Rahman Al-Naaimi. She argued that the revolutionary forces, when defeat intervenes, become flexible to the scoundrels where they occupy their heritage. Perhaps the other paradox is that many have used this term and many of mine, and forgot to mention my name, especially the intellectual whom I suspect. Here I discovered another level of taking in defeat where if Sartre or Jigg spit they wouldn’t be proud that they rose to the level of help from these, how free is Marx. As for the Arabs in the occupied lands, stealing is halal………….!

Nearly a month ago, I discovered that several publishing houses, including Dar es Saaat, Dar Al-Yazouri / Amman, Dar Abaad / Beirut, House of the Shepherds / in the occupier 1967 and “Nil Frat” website / Beirut distribute electronically more than ten of my books without my knowledge. As for Nasser Qandil in Al-Bana newspaper, published my book “The New Governorship and the Shadows of Yeho-Zion-Trotsky” without any action, without thanks and without regret! I’m not asking for money but where is the credibility and the claim to support the resistance… Etc.

It seems that these are occupying the effort of the people of the occupied land as the entity occupies the homeland. Is this a harsh word! Not especially as long as they were embraced and received from the occupying land of thieves and printer/s.

Note: When I finished my Master’s thesis in London in 1986, The Political Economy of the West Bank:From Peripheralization to Development, I was surprised that a left-wing economic magazine reviewed the book unknowingly and sent me £100.

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