Benjamin J. Rhodes: another Jew at the pinnacle of world power



Is it a requirement to be a war-mongering Jew with ties to Israel to become a high level public policy advisor in the White House and other agencies of the federal government of the United States?  It sure seems that way.
Richard Edmondson wrote a brilliant article exposing David S. Cohen a few days ago, a Jewish lawyer working for Obama’s Treasury Department as Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, a man who is responsible for many of the policies causing misery and suffering around the world.  Richard aptly titled his piece A Jew at the Pinnacle of World Power, and indeed Jews have been at the pinnacle of world power for quite some time now. The 20th century was really all about Jews infiltrating and taking over Western society – politically, culturally, and economically.
In the United States, individuals of Jewish heritage, many of whom have direct ties, if not dual-citizenship, with the criminal, terrorist state of Israel,occupy virtually every single position of power and influencewithin the White House and cabinet-level agencies, Congress, and Supreme Court, not to mention the major mass media corporations and Hollywood. This is how Israel and a wider international network of Jewish criminals pulled off 9/11: they controlled all major positions of power within the Bush administration, especially the Pentagon; they owned the World Trade Center towers in New York; they own the mass media which covered the events that day; they led the official investigation, which amounted to a major cover up and distortion of what really happened that day. That’s how Jews are able to get away with all their crimes and advance their agenda on every front – their kinsmen and bought-off puppets control all major levers of power in the federal government, mass media, and banking system.
The New York Times published a rather revealing article the other day titled Worldly at 35, and Shaping Obama’s Voice, highlighting yet another major Jewish power broker operating in the federal government wielding enormous influence on the Obama administration, Benjamin J. Rhodes.  From the article we learn:

As President Obama prepares to visit Israel next week, he is turning, as he often does, to Benjamin J. Rhodes, a 35-year-old deputy national security adviser with a soft voice, strong opinions and a reputation around the White House as the man who channels Mr. Obama on foreign policy.
Mr. Rhodes is drafting the address to the Israeli people the president plans to give in Jerusalem, but his influence extends beyond what either his title or speechwriting duties suggest. Drawing on personal ties and a philosophical kinship with Mr. Obama that go back to the 2008 campaign,Mr. Rhodes helped prod his boss to take a more activist policy toward Egypt and Libya when those countries erupted in 2011.
Now that influence is being put to the test again on the issue of Syria, where the president has so far resisted more than modest American involvement. After two years of civil war that has left 70,000 people dead. Mr. Rhodes, his friends and colleagues said, is deeply frustrated by a policy that is not working, and has become a strong advocate for more aggressive efforts to support the Syrian opposition. […]
In many ways, Mr. Rhodes is an improbable choice for a job at the heart of the national security apparatus. An aspiring writer from Manhattan, he has an unfinished novel in a drawer, “Oasis of Love,” about a woman who joins a megachurch in Houston, breaking her boyfriend’s heart.
The son of a conservative-leaning Episcopalian father from Texas and a more liberal Jewish mother from New York, […]
Benjamin Rhodes, who worked briefly for Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani’s re-election campaign in 1997, was living a writer’s life in Queens on Sept. 11, 2001, when he watched from the Brooklyn waterfront as the World Trade Center towers collapsed. The trauma of that experience, he said, led him to move to Washington in 2002.
Mr. Rhodes went to work for a Democratic foreign-policy elder, former Representative Lee Hamilton, helping draft the 9/11 Commission report as well as the Iraq Study Group report. That report was a template for the anti-Iraq war positions taken by Barack Obama, then a senator, whose campaign Mr. Rhodes joined as a speechwriter in 2008.
At the White House, Mr. Rhodes first came to prominence after he wrote Mr. Obama’s landmark address to the Muslim world in Cairo in June 2009. The speech was notable for Mr. Obama’s assertion that governments should “reflect the will of the people,” prefiguring his policy in dealing with Mr. Mubarak and Colonel Qaddafi.
In writing Mr. Obama’s speech next week, Mr. Rhodes is likely to focus on America’s unshakable support for Israel. But if history is any guide, he will slip in a reference to Syria’s democratic future. […]

Is it any wonder that American foreign policy is conducted in a manner which serves Jewish interests in the Middle East primarily, and around the world generally, when Jews like Benjamin Rhodes are operating behind the scenes, whispering in the President’s ear and formulating his policy and speeches?
Mike Sledge of Renegade Broadcasting did a fantastic show a few days ago identifying most, if not all, of the dual citizen American-Israeli traitors that have and continue to play a major role in the formulation of American foreign and domestic policy. These individuals must be arrested immediately, as they are by definition committing treason simply by having dual citizenship with another nation. The idea of eliminating dual-citizen traitors from occupying any position of influence in American foreign or domestic policy, including banning dual-citizens from owning or operating media outlets, is a central pillar of National Protectionism, and a policy proposal all rational, clear thinking Americans should get behind.

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