By cpgbml

On Saturday 16th March 2013 we went on a demonstration against cuts in Victoria square, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It was raining at the start but the sun started to come out so we started to demonstrate.
First we set out our table and just waited for people to come. When we started to get comrades and
public coming over we sent some comrades out to give out leaflets and newspapers (both Lalkar and
Proletarian).We had some success but not many people bought the newspapers.
We carried on giving until someone started to speak. The first person had a lot of booing and some abuse (not just the first person but most of the speakers). Then we got to Salma Yaqoob who was not better but worse, she got booed not only because she deserved it but because she said lots of bad things about Tori but when it comes to Labour, they are too good to describe. We had a few comments shouted out by the crowd but too bad to include here. At the end we just packed up and we had to wait for Tim to end his conversation with a member of public.

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