The bedroom tax is a vicious attack on the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. When the Bedroom Tax came into force on 1 April, 14 percent would be cut from housing benefit for households with one ‘spare’ bedroom and 25 percent from those with two or more. This is a suicidal law as shown when Stephanie Bottrill killed herself as a result of the stress the bedroom tax put on her.
If our rulers really want to do something about the affordable housing shortage, why not set rent controls in the private sector, build lots of new social homes and requisition all those empty ‘deluxe’ flats?
We need to understand that no representative of a capitalist party is on the side of the workers, however much (s)he may pretend to be. Nor is anyone who tries to incite us to blame each other for the poverty in which we find ourselves.
West midlands protest against the bedroom tax. 12 noon, Saturday 15th June, Chamberlain square, Birmingham B3 3DH.

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