“Beaten, Threatened and Compelled to Leave at Al Jazeera Based in Brussels”

DEC. 12, 2011

According to reliable sources, an official of Al Jazeera based in Brussels has beaten, threatened and fired a reporter who wanted to thwart a media manipulation made by Al Jazeera about Syria.

The victim (whose name we will not mention now for security reasons) suffered the abuse in the office of Al Jazeera in Brussels and a secretary of the news agency witnessed what happened. The victim has also been subject to threats and pressures to keep the matter quiet.

This serious event confirms what we said about Al Jazeera: Since the beginning of the “Arab spring”, this panislamist TV channel has become a propaganda tool that targets Syria. It is controlled by Qatar, which is a dictatorship, a monarchy and a theocraty, as well as a pro-slavery, pro-Western and pro-zionist (accomplice of the [zionist entity]) country.

As you may recall, on April 2011, Ghassan Ben Jeddo resigned because of the string of lies that the channel has been broadcasting particularly with regard to Syria. In addition, last September, the controversial CEO of Al Jazeera, Mr. Wadah Khanfar, was replaced by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani, while Sheikh Youssef Al Qaradawi known for his fundamentalism has become the mentor.

These alterations seem to be related to the new editorial line of Al Jazeera as it corresponds with the U.S. foreign policy in the region. Indeed, Al-Jazeera, with its army of propagandists, and the State of Qatar, with its 5,000 commandos, have been actively involved in the destruction of Libya’s sovereignty. Now they are targetting Syria.

All this confirms the suspicion expressed at the outset by our collective Investig’Action (www.michelcollon.info):
The events in Syria have been the subject of staging and manipulations that are well demonstrated by Bahar in his book “Kimyongür Syriana, the Conquest Continues” published by Editions Investig’action and Color Books. Our position on Syria was not well understood at first. But facts have been increasingly pointing out the extent of media lies made against Syria. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to check these media lies, especially that they may have serious consequences on the ground.

Translated from French


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