BDS Week of Action: 6th – 16th November 2010

In response to a call from Palestine for solidarity with their struggle against the Apartheid wall, the PSC have called for a Boycott Divestment and Sanctions ‘Week of Action’ from the 6th to the 16th of November 2010– an opportunity for all Palestine supporters to target British civil society and help inform the general public on how their consumer choices could, in fact be aiding Israel’s occupation of the Palestine.

PSC encourages its supporters to focus on 4 companies that are complicit in the occupation, through a variety of actions – from street protests, e-lobbying, phone-in and social networking sites – to get more people involved in the boycott movement and help bring an end to Israel ’s occupation, just like the movement against Apartheid in South Africa .

The 4 areas/companies are:

  1. Stolen beauty – Ahava: whose natural resources are produced in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. 

  2. Supermarkets: For selling produce from Israel and illegal settlements

  3. British Telecom (BT):  Questioning the breach of its ethical policy for its partnership with Bezeq international, which provides telecommunications to illegal settlements

  4. Veolia:  The company is a leading partner in the CityPass consortium, contracted to build a light-rail tramway linking west Jerusalem to illegal Jewish settlements in occupied east Jerusalem

Below are suggestions of dates and activities that you can organise and get involved in. Visit the PSC website to find out what is happening in your local area – or get in touch with them directly, you can find them at:

Before the BDS Week of action…

  • Let PSC know what you are organising so we can put in on our dedicated BDS action page.

  • Don’t forget to stock up on your PSC boycott pledge cards, Boycott Israeli goods leaflets and factsheets, and Veolia petition before the week. Also, don’t forget to change your facebook picture in the run up to the BDS week of action.

  • Check out the new, redesigned PSC BDS website at (in early November)

  • Media work: Prepare press releases for local press, radio and TV.  Organise to get on local phone- ins.  Ask local public figures for support.  See our local media strategy for tips.

BDS Week of Action:

Sat 6: No to ‘Stolen Beauty’ – Demo outside Ahava store in Covent Garden and other retail outlets across the country.

Mon 8: Sign the pledge – I promise not to knowingly buy Israeli goods – change on your facebook profile pic and tweet your pledge today.

Wed 10: Student day of action (Wednesday afternoon)

Thu 11: Supermarket phone-in: ask them to stop stocking Israeli produce until it complies with international law

Fri 12:  Write BT using our model e-tool function – questioning their partnership with Bezeq International, and Israeli company that provides telecommunications to illegal settlements.

Sat 13:  Boycott Israeli goods – Protests, leaflets and stalls outside your local supermarket.

Sat 13: Street petitions against Veolia being awarded contracts with your local council.

As well as actions, cultural events, meetings, media stunts etc.. during that period!

After the week of action…

  • Send us your pictures, reports, videos of actions – we will collate it and send it to the Boycott National Committee in Palestine .

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