Banned by Press TV: Will Hannity Kill a Child in Gaza?


Tea Party Spokesman Cheering on IDF Death Brigades

Tea Party Spokesman Cheering on IDF Death Brigades

Will Hannity Kill a Child in Gaza?

By Gordon Duff without Press TV (they say “too controversial”)

Popular Tea Party radio host, Sean Hannity, is touring Gaza with the Israeli Army this week.  If his visit is not unlike that of other “high value” VIPs representing Israel’s control of the media, he will be given very special privileges none will know about.  Hannity may be allowed to pilot a drone, perhaps to send a Hellfire missile down on a school building or even sit in a tower with an American Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.

He could shoot a child, perhaps a woman going to market or someone rescuing injured from a bomb damaged building.  Other guests of Israel, like Veterans Today’s Colonel James Hanke, have toured Dimona nuclear facilities or sat in a Merkava tank on the Golan Heights, looking through a weapons sight at a Syrian village.

Hannity is highly qualified to report on Israeli military operations in Gaza.  His 12 years working for Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network, continually supporting neocon and Zionist policies and smearing independent public officials is legendary.

Hannity was born in 1961, and worked at a college radio station.  He was never in the military, has an “honorary” college degree given him from an evangelical college.  Hannity has little or no formal education.

On the week where state after state is enacting sanctions against Israel for the purposeful slaughter of children, America’s Tea Party just sent Israel $270 million dollars for new weapons.  This funding bill was tied to a measure to provide medical care to disabled veterans.  No new missile and bombs for Israel and tens of thousands of American veterans go without care. In Washington, this is called “deal making.”

Hannity is a curious creature, a product of the merging of what used to be broadcast “news bureaus” with political special interest groups and Zionist controlled Hollywood script writers.  The result is pure theatre, where “infotainment” is a mixture of “fear porn,” bigotry and wild conspiracy theory.

In turn, candidates from one political party, the GOP and its Tea Party wing are supported while wild rumors about opponents are scripted and acted out in a “Kabuki theatre” punctuated with wild hand gestures, sneers and mockery.

In return, media conglomerates owned by Murdoch and Mitt Romney are allowed to buy radio and television networks and newspapers, squeezing out competition, are placed above federal regulations and anti-trust laws.

The result has been clear to the world, suppressed news and controlled “spin,” allowing false flag terror, wars of aggression, economic crimes on a massive scale and, in the process, terrorizing political enemies they can easily target and destroy using their control of vast interlocking media empires that now stretch across the world.

Hannity, above all, depicts his genre more than anyone else, even Rush Limbaugh.  Though proven consistently wrong in his predictions, though proven to lie consistently, almost never right, even when giving the time or discussion football scores, Hannity’s special breed of base cruelty and malevolent sarcasm appeals to the angry and disenfranchised.

This is where Hannity has his own roots.

A divisive figure, Hannity is increasingly looked on as a joke by a larger and larger constituency, now even many who consider themselves “right wing,” reactionary and conservative.  Hardly a day goes by when his special blend of “kissing Israel’s behind” and wild conspiratorial attacks on President Obama, his family members and pets, doesn’t take on wilder and wilder proportions.

Hannity, the voice of AIPAC, Israel’s powerful lobby in Washington, has teamed up with “shock jock” Alex Jones spreading stories of armies of United Nations peacekeeping troops sailing up the Mississippi River or divisions of Russian paratroopers descending on America from Canada.

When George “W” Bush was in office, tapping phones, kidnapping and torture weren’t necessary evils, they were a “Christian priority.”  Hannity has demanded US military action in Syria, in the Ukraine and has voice, on literally hundreds of occasions; his believe that only traitors at the top of America’s government have prevented a full scale nuclear obliteration of Iran.

This week, Hannity is broadcasting from Gaza, the smell of burning flesh in his nostrils.  Unlike many from the BBC and Guardian, Hannity has Israel’s trust.  He isn’t given “talking points,” he writes them.  Lying takes little education, only moral flexibility, and a special connection to his audience, the angry, the ignorant and the fearful.

His audience is, so very much, made up of the friends of Israel.  What may well be problematic is that this audience is not as large as it was a few short weeks ago.  Israel’s message, parroted even by President Obama, long on Zionist assassination lists, Obama and Cameron, Harper of Canada and so many others, is no longer something simply “taken in stride.”

People are listening.  When the term “right to defend” is used, they no longer think of gas chambers and laughing Nazis.  They see Israeli tourists cheering when schools in Gaza are flattened, they see the photos that Google tries to suppress, children blown apart.

The old Israeli/Hannity lines, “Muslims don’t care about their dead, their children, they breed like rats.”

Yes, this is how they talk on American “right thinking” television and radio, killing Muslims is the only way the world can protect itself.

Thus, we return to our original question, will his IDF hosts allow Sean Hannity to kill a child?  Those of us who have followed him, as much as our sensitive digestive tracts allow, readily believe this would be a crowning achievement to his journalistic career.

For a man who never spent a moment in uniform, certainly not for America, for a propagandist, a “hammer” if you will, tasked with pounding down any truth teller, any sign of honesty and decency as though it were a proverbial “nail,” his visit to Gaza is telling.

It is a sign of desperation.  They are “spending” Hannity as though he were a currency facing collapse, his “star” waning as is Israel’s as well.  Hannity broadcasts around the world, seen in his baseball cap, the sneer wiped from his face, a serious demeanor while mouthing outrageous tales we have heard so often these last few weeks, less often as days go on.

Hannity may well put a nail in Israel’s coffin.  Much is ending, in particular, the power of victimization enthroned in the holocaust mythology sold to the children of the world as religion.  Scenes from Gaza by far outweigh anything from the concentration camps of the last century.  Gaza is the real Auschwitz.  To millions, hundreds of millions or more, Israel is everything Nazi Germany is purported to have been.

There were no photos of German citizens cheering the death camps.  It took 21st century Israel to push Hitler into obscurity.

When they think of a child blown apart, they can think of Sean Hannity.  When a child is found, blown apart, burned or shot on a lonely beach, we can all ask; “Did Sean Hannity kill this child?”

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