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Dear Comrades,

                          As imperialism’s proxy war against Syria enters its third year, I’d like to update the CPGB-ML on the current position of the Australian ‘left’ towards Syria. As in Britain, the Australian socialist movement is dominated by a plethora of Trotskyist & revisionist ‘Marxists’. I will give a brief analysis of the various parties respective positions.

Communist Party of Australia (CPA). The CPA is a revisionist party which long ago abandoned the dictatorship of the proletariat & jumped on the bandwagon of a ‘parliamentary’ road to socialism. Like the genocidal war against Libya, the CPA for a long time sat on the fence concerning Syria, coming out against ‘imperialist intervention’ (as it wasn’t happening from day one), while repeating imperialist slander against President Assad’s ‘tyranny’. Eventually, reality intruded, & the CPA were forced to recognise the reactionary nature of the Syrian ‘rebels’. Despite this, never has the CPA called for unconditional support for Assad & the Ba’ath Party.

Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) (CPA-ML). The CPA-ML emerged from a split in the CPA in 1963-64 over Khrushchevite revisionism. Of all the Communist/Socialist parties in Australia, the CPA-ML has the strongest commitment to theory & its understanding. However, in my opinion, the CPA-ML has a distinctive nationalist outlook, which derives from their viewpoint that Australia is not an imperialist country, but is subjugated by foreign, principally U.S., imperialism. In that regard, attention to international events takes second place. It’s few public pronouncements on Syria do condemn imperialism in its aggression. Yet, I have yet to read any statement offering full support for President Assad.

Now comes the myriad of Trotskyist groupings.
Socialist Alliance. This group emerged from a affiliation of several Trotskyist trends, has undergone the standard name changes, but its counter-revolutionary position hasn’t. Despite hollow proclamations against imperialist intervention, & ‘extremist’ influence in the ‘rebels’, this statement sums up their pro-imperialism “The Socialist Alliance supports the Syrian people’s democratic uprising against the tyranny of the Bashar al-Assad regime”.

Socialist Alternative. Another Trotskyist grouping, which perhaps the largest Trotskyist organisation inAustralia. It was formed in 1995 after the usual evolutions from other groups. It characterises the counter-revolutionary assault on secular Syria as a “heroic uprising against Syrian dictator Assad”. To leave no one in doubt, it opposes imperialist bombing of Syria, simply because bombing will only increase “repressive” forces in Syria! It laments “toothless” U.S. sanctions against Assad, and for allowing Syria’s allies (i.e.Russia) to supply it with weapons. These Trotskyist stooges wrap themselves in a muddle. Basically, they support revolution from ‘below’, i.e. the Syrian masses overthrowing the ‘tyranny’ of Assad.

Trotskyist Platform. This is a small, somewhat obscure outfit, yet, despite its title, has probably taken the clearest stand AGAINST the counter-revolutionary ‘rebels’! They have stood out from their Trotskyist brethren and have been public in opposing  the ‘rebels’ & condemning imperialism. In fact, compared to the CPA & the clandestine CPA-ML, their public support for Syria has been superior; & compared to the various Trotskyist imperialist puppets, they have been positively revolutionary! However, being the Trotskyists they are, they are hindered in offering actual support to President Assad, & are always quick to point out the essentially ‘repressive’ nature of Assad. To reinforce this, they constantly dredge up memories of Syria’s past which have no relevance to today’s struggle, such as Hafez al-Assad’s support of imperialism in the 1991 Gulf War. It is also quick to point out that the Ba’ath regime is a capitalist one, to ensure proletarians get to close to Assad’s anti-imperialist government. It refuses to take the position of ‘VICTORY TO ASSAD’, instead calling for support of ‘pro-government’ forces.

Comrades, this is only a brief glimpse at the ‘leading’ ‘socialist’ organisations in Australia. I think the last word should be that the one group in Australia who have taken the most PUBLIC stance against imperialist plots against Syria is a minor outfit who proudly wears the badge of Trotskyism! Further comment on the Australian ‘left’ would be superfluous. Comrades, if you have any further comments or questions, feel free to contact mr/


Fraternally Yours

Mark Window

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