Audio: BBC Caught in Zionist Propaganda Lie on Syria


By Dr David Duke. The Zionist-dominated, globalist media is pulling out the stops to create a war in Syria, just as they did in Libya and Iraq. Today, I will show why they want this war and I will expose a huge lie by the BBC.

Here is a copy of the original BBC News Report from May 27, 2012 on the Houla massacre in Syria. It shows a tragic photo of hundreds of murdered little children.


Now, please take a close look.

Here is what Italian photographer, Marco Di Lauro who took the photo, had to say:

“Somebody is using illegally one of my images for anti-Syrian propaganda on the BBC web site front page on Sunday May 27.”

He points out that the image the BBC showed is as actually a picture taken by him of a much bigger massacre at the Al Mussayyib Mosque in Iraq on March 27, 2003.

Ironically, the Iraq massacre shown in this picture occurred because of the BBC and the Zionist influenced politics and media that launched the Iraq War.

You see, that war also unleashed a horrific civil war in Iraq that has taken hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, and this massacre was part of it. And the BBC as the rest of the heavily, Zionist-influenced globalist media helped create that war based on lies.

Now, the Zionists want the same horror for their Syrian enemy.

What better a way to devastate the nation that has stood so strongly against them, a nation that supported Hizbollah, the forces in Lebanon that defeated the Zionist invading armies there, the nation that is an ally to their most hated enemy of all, Iran.

In fact, Zionist-influenced globalist media like the BBC and NY Times has helped fuel this escalating civil war in Syria and helped cause this massacre in Syria.

The radical Zionist, Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu recently demanded a Nato military invasion in Syria in the name of human rights.

Can you imagine?  Netanyahu and his evil Ziomonsters who have terrorized and ethnically cleansed the Palestinian people for 65 years, who have murdered tens of thousands of Palestinians, tens of thousands of Lebanese Christians and Muslims, dare to speak about Human Rights?

In Gaza they recently murdered 1200 people, half of them women and children, thousands more were either killed or maimed with horrific weapons of mass destruction such as white phosphorus.

And they have the chutzpah to speak of human rights! And the media never calls them on  it. Israel screams about Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program while Israel is the real nuclear rogue state even with submarines that carry their nukes all over the world.

Wake up folks. What is going on today in Syria is exactly what the Zionists did to promote the Iraq War. A war based completely on lies.

And of course, as in Iraq, they don’t want the sons of Israel to die in a war against Syria.

They want your son in London, or your son in Paris or your son in Kansas City to be the ones to die in this war.

And they don’t want to spend any of their vast, stolen riches of their Zionist cohorts at Golden Sachs, or at the Federal Reserve or the World Bank, they want to spend your hard earned tax money, to finance this planned carnage for Israel.

I have been to Syria and I know Syria. For years, Syria has been an extremely peaceful nation, with very little religious or tribal strife.

Just two years ago, Syria was one of the most peaceful nations on earth. I have met with the head of the Christian church there and the Muslim leader of Syria, the Grand Mufti. I have met with Shiites and Sunni.

In actual fact, the massacre at Houla happened because the Zionist controlled powers have been arming, funding, fomenting and escalating the conflict.

The Zionist influenced globalist media has incited the factions in Syria. Zionist-controlled politics in America, Britain and France has promoted it. And, different religious and ethnic groups in other Middle East nations have rushed in to support their own particular factions in Syria.

With these huge forces converging, Syria is stumbling to the doorstep of a horrific Civil War.

If full-fledged war occurs, the terrible civilian deaths so far on all sides so far will seem like pinprick compared to having your head cut off.

It should be said, that all the facts of the Houla massacre are not in.

But, there is not a shred of evidence that the Syrian government committed the massacre, or that Assad approved it.

It is the last thing Assad would want. He is a Western-educated doctor who knows any such atrocity would be the excuse used to invade his nation.

It is certainly possible that the killings were done by one of the civilian groups that support the government in the intersecting ethnic and sectarian divides.

But blaming Assad for the massacre would be exactly the same thing as blaming all of Assad’s political opponents for the horrific Al Qeada mass car bombings in Syria that has killed hundreds of innocent people.

The Zionist-controlled American media has not even let Americans know that their fellow Christians in Syria desperately oppose these Zionist policies because war can only result in murder and terror in the Christian community just as it did in Iraq.

Just remember, if Syria descends into civil war it would essentially destroy Israel’s oldest, longest-standing enemy.

It will wipe out scores of Sunni, scores of Shiites, and scores of Christians. A civil war would truly be against the interests of all people.

As a Christian, there is no more disgusting thing than to see so-called Christian leaders who worship the sick Zionist supremacists and sick Zionist media rather than the love and peace taught by Jesus Christ.

It sickens my heart to see them support Israel’s murder tens of thousands of Christian as well as Muslim families in Palestine, Lebanon and fomenting a new slaughter in Syria.

One thing is sure, the Zionist-influenced media is responsible for the incitement of these hostilities that led to this massacre in Houla.

And if Syria becomes the hellish nightmare of Iraq, the blame for it also falls squarely on the shoulders of the Zionist-controlled, bribed and intimidated traitors who continue put Israel’s evil agenda first over real human rights and over the true interests of the American People and the people of Europe.

There are legitimate grievances in all the sides of this conflict, yes, I understand that, but I beseech all the factions in the Mideast not to allow themselves to be herded into supporting a bloody, horrific internecine, civil war.

Like almost all wars, far more human lives will be lost and will be harmed than you seek to protect.

The only victor of such a war is Israel and the Zionist cause.

All those millions of families that lose their lives or homes or suffer in these wars are the real losers, no matter which side prevails, everyone loses.

There are ways to have revolutions that don’t cause mass murder.

Look at the change in that came in Russia and communist Eastern Europe. It is possible. I urge restraint on all sides. Embrace peace, stop this escalation of hate and war.

And may all people in Syria, the Mideast, Europe, American and around the whole world, stand as one against the Zionist globalists who seek to enslave all of us. That is our real enemy.

Bless you all.

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