Gilad Atzmon: United Against Paintings

DateAugust 17, 2010 

Some British Jews are desperate to stop the truth about the Jewish state being spread around.  The Jewish Chronicle reported today that Jewish  “Community leaders are battling to stop an exhibition of paintings by children from Gaza being shown in schools in the North of England.”

Jewish campaigners say they have “no objection to the paintings, but have reacted with anger at a series of talks given to accompany them.” 

The man behind the exhibition and the talks is  Rod Cox, 62,  who visited Gaza and the West Bank a few times in recent years. 

The exhibition, Loss Of Innocence, has been on tour since September, visiting universities, town halls and, most recently, Manchester Cathedral. It was taken to a Quaker venue in Marple, Stockport, on Monday evening and plans are under way to take it to schools in the north west. 

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