Date July 19, 2010

Some Jews and Israelis seem to be rather jolly lately.

We recently encountered a glimpse of a Jewish family celebrating their survival of the Holocaust by exploring some different disco manoeuvres with the landscape of Auschwitz in the background.

I honestly think that nothing is categorically wrong about it. At the end of the day, Jews found many ways to deal with their past. Dancing is no doubt preferable to killing in the name of Jewish suffering.

IDF soldiers are also finding the time to dance when they are not murdering in the name of ‘Israeli security’.

In fact, one possible interpretation is that the IDF’s dance routine was a form of protest against their army and terrorist state. I guess that we would all prefer Israeli soldiers to dance than kill. Regardless, if Israelis feel the urge to boogie they better do it in their own streets.

Yet,  Kosher Bollywood may be the way forward for the contemporary Jewish dancer

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