Attack On PNS Mehran: CNBC News


A CNBC News Analysist

The analysis were conducted in two parts, first was the actual analysis of the attack and second was on the high powered visit led by Hillary Clinton who was accompanied by Admiral Mike Mullen. Both the analysis were live during the 2 PM CNBC News bulletins of  26th and 28th of May 2011.

The first analysis covered as to how the events took place and who were the forces behind it. This also had the mention of 200 US Marines that have been or are under the process of being dispatched said to be under the pressure of Pakistan Government or Military Establishment. Here it was necessary to point out that out of 7000 or so Blackwater personale even if 200 hundred are deported means nothing. Pakistan has been a close ally of the US for over six decades but at every critical juncture it has always dumped Pakistan. Now of late, sine 9/11, it has become a part of destabilizing factor. Raymond Davis is a living proof of that.

Seeing the depth of US involvement in destabilizing Pakistan it demands that the US Embassy should be shut down completely but to keep the working relations going, it’s imperative  to cut it down drastically so that no anti Pakistan activities get a back up support from here.

What the US did in Abbottabad was just a fake exercise to test the Pakistan defences. Also as said by Senator John Kerry, that the US will study the strategic capabilities of Pakistan. This was reported in “US Attacks Pakistan.

The precision with which the entire PNS Mehran destruction was carried out was not the job of any ordinary terrorist organisation. They were highly trained people, as per the information received from sources, they were trained and backed up by Delta Force.

PNS Mehran was selected for it had the latest PC 3 Orion aircraft that has the capability of long range surveillance and anti submarine warfare as a force multiplier. This was done to weaken Pakistan Navy so that it can not influence any US attack from the sea that is likely to happen on Makran coast.

The press statement of Admiral Nauman Bashir was incorrectly reported by the media. He never said yes or no to a security lapse, in fact he left it to the judgment of the media and the people.

To avoid such embarrassments for future, Chief of Naval Staff should speak through his DG Public Relations.

The second analysis was to cover the visit of Hillary Clinton and her delegation that was here to further pressurize Pakistan in carrying out more. Pakistan has had enough, now it must back off from the so called war on terror that is basically launched to weaken the Muslim countries.

Hillary, true to her character, like a jungle queen, has been issuing warnings to Pakistan. So has been Mike Mullen. The reception that was accorded to her should never have been done. Every visitor must be treated according to his/her level. She was treated like a head of state that was never liked by the people of Pakistan.

Washington Post had carried a report that there are extremist and hardliners in Pakistan Army. This was a complete disinformation campaign launched against Pakistan. This needs to be countered effectively by our media under the direction of Ministry of Information and ISPR.

Pakistan should not scum under any pressure, instead it should further strengthen her relations with China and get more closer to Russia the two big powers in our neighbourhood. Same time, we must develop more strong relations with Iran. In fact we should have soft border with Iran and open relations for our mutual benefit.

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