Attack on naval base precursor of threats to nukes


ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan Monday said that the attacks on the key naval base could be a precursor to further such attacks on our strategic assets including Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

He stated this on Monday, while reacting to Sunday’s night Karachi tragedy in which 11 personnel of Pakistan Navy and four of the terrorists perished besides destruction of two high-tech aircraft in PNS.

“At a time when our internal security stands compromised due to hundreds of Raymond Davises roaming the streets of Pakistan with an international agenda to declare Pakistan a failed state, the Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs ruling Pakistan are bending over backwards to destroy the country to remain in power on foreign crutches,” he observed.

The PTI chairman said that the massive participation of people from all walks of life in the PTI sit-in (Dharna) at Karachi is proof of the fact that the people of Pakistan are united in their efforts to regain the lost national sovereignty. They want to bring an end to the murderous drone attacks, and stop the double-faced politics practiced by the ruling party and the so-called opposition in parliament, he added.

The Karachi Dharna condemns the continuing drone attacks in the face of the Joint Resolution of the Parliament which was yet another attempt to hoodwink the people by the incumbent rulers, fully aided and abetted by a complicit opposition.

Meanwhile, PTI passed a resolution during a Dharna held in Karachi against drone attacks that demands the resignation of the government for its failure to protect the fundamental rights of the people including the right to life and security, PTI leaders stated.

PTI reiterated to free Pakistan from foreign domination and the stooges that rule Pakistan. It also demanded the cancellation of all 7,000 visas issued without security clearance and the expulsion of all private US security contractors within 7 days. “If the government fails to expel the private security contractors within one week, the PTI would expose the residences of the private security contractors in all major cities of Pakistan,” it warned.

PTI resolved to block NATO supply routes in different parts of the country without any prior notice. The PTI would hold a national convention in Islamabad to unite and mobilize all segments of the society against the present government, the resolution added.

The PTI calls on the Army Generals to live up to their oath to protect the life and property of Pakistanis against any foreign force that breaches the sovereignty.

The PTI also warned to hold a Dharna for an indefinite period in front of the Parliament in Islamabad. The date of the Dharna would be announced soon, the PTI sources said.

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