Arrest the banksters (and politicians), not the people


The San Diego Police Department has been on over-kill lately, arresting and harassing residents of San Diego for simply exercising their God-given, First Amendment guaranteed rights of freedom of expression and assembly.  Those participating in Occupy San Diego have not given in.  From the OB Rag, an independent media outlet based in Ocean Beach:

After being awoken by police bullhorns and rousted from their slumber by an early morning raid – and then removed from the Civic Theater grassy area, Occupy San Diego protesters are planning on marching back to the Plaza this morning.

The protesters will begin to march at 10:00 a.m. from Harbor Drive and Ash Street – near the Star of India – where they regrouped after the police raid.

Other OccupySD protesters and supporters are asked to join them as they attempt to retake the public space that has been the site of protests since October 8th.

Attorneys representing Occupy San Diego have filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and San Diego Police Department.  Again, from the OB Rag:

Today, November 16, 2011, free speech attorneys, LGBT rights group Canvass for a Cause, and members of the National Lawyers Guild representing Occupy San Diego protesters filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego and the San Diego Police Department in Federal Court seeking the court to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the city and the SDPD.

“The SDPD are currently arbitrarily telling people who walk through the Civic Center that if they set down anything—their purse, their bag, a chair, or in one case even a tomato plant—, they will be arrested,” said Bryan Pease, a free speech attorney in San Diego. “The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech and the right to peacefully assemble—municipal code section 54.010 and how it is being enforced by the SDPD is unconstitutional.”

Attorneys are hopeful of their eventual success, “Even if the court does not grant the TRO because they want to allow the city time to prep their arguments, this is a text book case of unconstitutional enforcement of a municipal code and I believe we will be successful at the preliminary injunction hearing,” said Pease.

To help Occupy San Diego’s case, former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre spoke in front of City Council publicly calling out the municipal code: “The provision being used by the SDPD to thwart public assembly was not intended to be so used and abridges the right of those involved to peacefully assemble. There are First Amendment rights being violated and legal research will bear it out.” […]

Occupy Wall Street protests all across the country are getting raided, with police confiscating or destroying private property and illegally arresting and otherwise mistreating those participating in this movement.

Contrast these two recent videos in San Diego alone…

…with the brief interview I did with Boyd Long, the Assistant Chief of San Diego Police, back at the beginning of October.

While We The People are being arrested for protesting our Zionist-occupied, illegitimate government, the biggest criminals in the world continue to walk free, many of them benefiting and profiting to this very day.  President Barack Obama, easily one of the biggest war criminals in the world today, was just in San Diego forVeterans Day.  NBC San Diego reported:
President Barack Obama will attend the Carrier Classic basketball game on Veterans Day on the USS Carl Vinson, the aircraft carrier that buried Osama bin Laden at sea.
The nation’s basketball-player-in-chief has accepted an invitation to attend the Nov. 11 matchup between North Carolina and Michigan State, the first college hoops game on an active flat top.
The Carl Vinson and its sailors have attracted considerable attention since early May, when the carrier conducted bin Laden’s burial at sea after he was killed by Navy SEALs in a raid ordered by Obama.
“This Veterans Day, President Obama will honor our nation’s veterans by laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery and then by traveling to San Diego, California, to attend the Carrier Classic on the deck of the USS Carl Vinson,” the White House said in a statement. “He looks forward to a great game between Michigan State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”
How Orwellian is it to read those four little paragraphs?  Obama superficially lays a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery, while he orders more and more of our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers in the military to go fight and die thousands of miles away from their homes.  Then, travels to San Diego to… watch a basketball game.  On the deck of the ship that allegedly dumped whoever it was they dumped into the sea after they lied and said they killed Osama bin Laden.  Does it get any worse than that?
Well, yes it does.  While this criminal scum bag was watching basketball, local San Diego residents were being arrested and harassed for protesting their government for all the illegal, corrupt behavior we have witnessed for so long now.
I went down to the General Assembly meeting tonight, which took place at the downtown headquarters of the San Diego Police Department, and shared a brief message with the people and police officers there.  It’s time to start arresting the bad guys, not the poor people down at the local park or downtown area protesting the government.
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