Are Neocons, Zionists Protesting Too Much?


Seems they are; is it a good omen?

by Tom Valentine

Evil radio power burst forth yesterday (Dec. 6) with what seemed to be a coordinated attack against Ron Paul. The hatred was as thick as the stupidity. Why?

Rush Limbaugh was particularly vehement, and he is considered the Alpha dog of this Ilk. Unlike Sean Hannity, Limbaugh is regarded as having half a brain. Rushbo has been ignoring Paul like the MSM dictated, but today he was deliberately caustic.

The others picked up the talking points and all day long neocon radio blasted the Constitution-loving Congressman, whose campaign for the Republican nomination has begun to sprout despite all the establishment right has been tossing at him.

Methinks the neocons and their Zionist kin doth protest too much, like Herman Cain did, for example, when the allegations from women, hit the news. Cain’s comments and denials let the streets know that much was true about the allegations; One did not require years at Harvard or Yale to pick up on that.

Likewise, it is safe to suggest that the war-obsessed Republican party suddenly realizes the protracted dissing and ignoring of the fact that Ron Paul is genuine, in contrast to the anointed others is so easy to see through that it’s a no-brainer. (which is a double-edged sword in party politics). So, They face a growing backlash even among many a brainwashed oxymoron in the “base,” therefore they are having this massive knee-jerk response over the airwaves of propaganda.

If Ron Paul were truly catching on, despite the phony polls (about as rigged as are elections) it would be easy to see why the sudden panic, instead of the standard smugness. (which can be heartwarming for those few who have known that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cabal, given a license to steal from our corrupt government long ago. (How many everyday Americans were aware of that fact about the Federal Reserve before the bankster policies stole trillions?)

Not only has Ron Paul maintained an enviable record for calling out the banksters, but he is a married Christian family man who delivers, but does not abort babies. The right wing fanatics, who stole the party for the International banksters, suddenly can hear a lot of pissed-off footsteps, so they must fight back the only way they know how—keep forcing their employees in the media, (most are believers in the schtick anyway) to continue with the Goebbles game of big and bigger lies.

The import of what is apparent here is that those with the power can sense the tide turning; especially those who have fostered Zionism on the world, and the shift in the winds has stirred a palpable panic.

Thus, the minions are working harder and louder than ever to root out the “antisemites” even where they don’t exist; and to concentrate camps for potential freethinking citizens before we get too uppity.

We are not out of danger, of course, , but I, for one, feel better now that I sense discomfort among the evil thugs.

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