Apoplectic ideologues Tell Egypt Democracy ”Drop Dead”


Anoints Two Dictators A Staged Co-Opted Event
By Tommy Tucci
Philadelphia, PA February 2011…..A century of American failed trajectory replies to Egyptian peaceful revolution to “drop dead” against the will and to the detriment of the Egyptian peoples.  Thereby dismissing basic humanitarian inherent rights to peace, freedom, democracy and the basic right for all peoples to decide their own decisions and fate with no interference.  “We are not so different, Egypt under Mubarak and America under what ever gang of financial criminals and foreign thugs is controlling the government today.”  Posted by Gordon Duff Veterans Today  
Apoplectic American Patent Failures Multiply Exponentially
U. S. ideologues find their arrogant patent brand of Imperialism caught blindsided.  Conversely, react incoherently to Egyptian peoples peaceful non-violent revolution for immediate change from an authoritarian dictatorial government farce. ‘US sends warships, troops to Egypt’ 07 Feb 2011.  Subsequently, America confirms patent failures by lacking all creditability associating  violence, terrorism, demonizing, and self anointed reverse victim paradigms with peaceful demonstrators events of non-violent upheavals, lack of extreme riots, destruction, neutral politics, absent ideology and religions.    
Consequently, America answers basic inherent human dignity of peace freedom and democracy by demonstrating 19th and 20th Century broken and anachronistic military power gunboat diplomacy and staged CIA pretext color movements.  Bellicose and belligerent U.S. Marine Corp,  and the aircraft carrier George Washington sent against the fearless determined and peaceful non violent Egyptian demonstrators.
Disingenuous Ideologues Diversion and Deception   
Disingenuous documented and self admitted failed leadership that operates the deception as though Mr. Murabak heads the Egyptian government apparatus. Thereby, creating an ultimate diversion of exponential insult and parody by appointing the second dictator forced against the will and to the detriment of the Egyptian peoples peaceful revolution for change. “A dictator who has been in power for 30 years will be the one to implement democracy” was a farce.”  Posted by Raw Story 
Mr. Mubarak hangs on to farcical power by repeating American war criminals false narrative distraction of Egyptian peoples peaceful demonstrations suppressing democracy.   Conversely, forcing Mr. Mubarak and his crony dictators, waiting in the wings, to incite a possible violent reaction by the millions of demonstrators. Resulting in the ultimate staging of CIA con and deception of creating extreme violence and war on the Egyptian citizenry.  “Mubarak not stepping down, passes authority to CIA torture point-man Suleiman” Posted by Legitgov.org. 
Three decades of proxy Mr. Mubarak who appoints the supreme CIA black-site operative V.P. Mr. ‘Sillyman’ Suleiman.  The pinnacle of apoplectic U.S. failure to turn peaceful demonstrations for change into a violent suppression of human dignity,  21st Century slavery, denying human rights, and the inherent right to self determination.  Mohamed ElBaradei says “Egypt will explode.” Posted by Khaleed Times  
Indigenous Peoples Non-Violent Revolution
The expression of the Egyptian peoples right to peaceful revolution is not defined by black, white, religious, Arab, Jew, American, European, Asian, evil, good, right, or wrong,  The rising expression of the Egyptian peoples  against repression is a basic inherent humanitarian right to self dignity and self determination.  Centuries of laws handed down to all peoples, all nations, and all religions. Centuries of inherent basic human laws ignored by U.S. Imperialist Colonial ideologues.  The primary cause why America will not permit and cannot face the historical documented facts that Imperialism has run its course.  So in effect the U.S.controls events and the final outcome in Egypt to continue absolute global domination and threat to all humanty by anointing a new round of dictators.
CIA Staged Co-Opted Event
Activist Post reports the April 6 Movement of Egypt is a staged event co-opted by Movement.org a CFR proxy.  “It would be strongly recommended that readers go to Movements.org themselves and explore the website, in particular the 3 summits they have held and those that were in attendance. Everyone from the RAND Corporation to the Council on Foreign Relations comes to “prod.” Movements.org truly is a new tentacle for manipulating and undermining the sovereignty of foreign nations.” Posted by Tony Carlucci Activist Post
Inherent Humanitarian Peoples Rights Trampled and Ignored
The magnificent Magna Carta c.1215 eight-hundred years of basic human rights to law and the construction of society into peoples humanitarian rights of self determination.  The inherent dignity and rights to their labors. property, and assets.  The absolute confirmation that no individual, entity, government, nation, forum, or select exclusive special interest group “owns” the right to Free Speech and Self Determination. Magna Carta “Abuses by King John caused a revolt by nobles who compelled him to execute this recognition of rights for both noblemen and ordinary Englishmen. It established the principle that no one, including the king or a lawmaker, is above the law.”
Becky Akers writes in an article on slavery, “retired General Stanley McChrystal dares lecture us that we don’t yield enough of our lives to government despite its exorbitant, unending, and pervasive taxation, compulsory surrender of our children to its brainwashing, forced “service” on juries, and even mandatory titillation of federal thugs at checkpoints in airports: “Americans performing critical, selfless service to our country are less common than they must be,” he scolds in 1500 platitudinous, self-righteous words for Newsweek Magazine. Posted by Becky Akers New American Journal.
It took 200 years from the signing of the Declaration of Independence c.1776 to have particular mad-men select interests to declare slavery invalid, the rights to labor, assets, property, the right to vote, and the inherent basic human rights of free expression for all men and women regardless of race, religion, color, or nationality. 
The American populace “see something say something” should reply each day to 21st Century mad-men-women slavery such as Illegal search and seizures 4th Amendment, denial of free speech, and freedom of expression 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 
Say something about the phony “Al-CIAduh” parody.  Posted by legigov.org. “The threat of terrorism is at “its most heightened state” HS Janet Napolitano. Slavery implemented daily by crony financial banking baron organized criminals, military satraps, DC-Potamic poltroons, and lazy intellect Hollywood colluding with mainstream media clowns.
U.S. Imperial Trajectory Collides With Reality
21st Century particular select exclusive special interest mad-men deceptions, diversions, distractions, thefts, confiscations, failures, incompetence, war against peace, and war against humanity is the American trajectory colliding with the reality of the Egyptian indigenious peoples rights of self determination.
No individual, entity, government, nation, forum, or select special interest group “owns” the right to Free Speech and Self Determination.   Magna Carta c.1215 “It established the principle that no one, including the king or a lawmaker, is above the law.” 
Therefore, U.S. Imperialism arrogance and contempt for humanity is being exposed and challenged by the basic rights of all peoples to peacefully demonstrate against suppression.  Albeit a staged co-opted proxy event conducted by CIA color revolutions remains blatantly exposed by Egyptian peaceful demonstrations.  
U.S. Imperial Colonialism accelerates its dismissal of International Humanitarian Laws, operates illegally above all spiritual laws, ignores mans written laws, and the flawed insistence that only U.S. forced Imperialism “owns” the exclusive right to determine the world masses of self dignity and free expression. 
To the great voices, the outstanding courage, and fearless determination of the Egyptian peoples, the world greatly appreciates and is humbled by your peaceful expressions of change exposing the greatest threat to humanity, culture, society, and global security.   

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