AP photojournalist dismissed after PPF complain

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Iyad Hamad was dismissed from his work after a complaint by the Palestinian police.

The Palestinian photojournalist Iyad Hamad said on Wednesday that he was dismissed from his work at the Associated Press (AP) following a complaint by the Zionist puppet Ab-A$$ Police Force (PPF).

Hamad told QNN that the Palestinian government, represented by Prime Minister Muhammad Ishtayyeh and the spokesperson for the government Ibrahim Milhem, had promised to find a solution for his issue after he held a sit-in in front of the headquarter of the Council of Ministers.

“I committed myself to the agreement with the government, so I stopped the sit-in until Eid so that we reach a solution but I was informed today that I am permanently dismissed from my job and that the decision is irreversible”, Hamad told QNN.

He added that the AP office informed him of the decision and that it was taken following a complaint by the Palestinian police.

“For 20 years, I’ve worked in the field amid risks and confrontations and I have been never dismissed from any job.”, he said.

Hamad noted that the Ab-A$$ regime had also complained about him for his job ten years ago.

He added that what the Zionist puppet police is doing is a dangerous and systematic policy that targets journalists and their work.

According to Hamad, the spokesman for the Zionist puppet police, Luai Zreiqat, had complained for AP about him after an online discussion between them.


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