by mantiqaltayr
1. The assholes are coming, the assholes are coming!
The Assholes Are Coming
Figured that would get your attention.  Below are a few short items to ring in the new year. More changes may be coming to this little blog, but at present the course has not been set.   Stay tuned.
2. Here are a few links to some articles I’ve been putting up on Facebook (I hate Facebook, but I digress) and/or Twitter.
First of all, here is the smart phone app from hell. At least an article about it. It is the Ovadia Yosef app which will allow you follow all of his utterly wacko statements and actions.
It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood’s love affair with the IMF is on track. Seems to me that they have merged into the IMBF: The International Muslim Brotherhood Fund.
If you are like me, you wake up every day wondering what sort of stupid racist reactionary garbage the Shas Party is up to now. Turns out that they’ve been making a racist video denigrating Africans.
In the tough shit department, here’s a great quote:
“Low income levels and the desire to live in haredi enclaves means that affordable housing for the ultra-Orthodox sector is hard to come by and a critical issue for the community.”
Corruption at the federal, state and local levels is something that really riles me up.  Here’s behavior that is all too typical, all too typical. And it really hits some of my favorite subjects, Israel, the FBI and Congress.  Nice quote:
“”Federal investigators are looking into Grimm’s relationship with Ofer Biton, an Israeli citizen with close ties to Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. Pinto has a large following in New York. Grimm — with Biton’s help — raised more than $500,000 from Pinto’s followers, including alleged improper cash donations or contributions from non-U.S. citizens. Biton reportedly sought help from Grimm in obtaining a green card.”
Note that Rep. Mike Grimm (Asshole, NY) is a retired FBI guy. I’ve written about him before.
3. I think you all need a nice bird photo.
Nice Bird
4. A most  interesting commentary on the Chuck Hagel show.
5. Well, it’s video time. Normally I hate commercials, but I make an exception here. Can you believe she’s related to Mark Glenn? Who’da thunk?

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